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Timeline Maker Pro For Creating Instant Professional Timelines


Are you looking to create timelines in no time? If yes, then Timeline Maker Pro is nothing but a time software app permitting you to develop timelines as immediately as possible. Working with this timeline maker is as simple as you can just start by submitting your dates and events following by pictures and texts, if any in order to enhance the visuals and explanation. Finally, you can save it as a picture or even get printed like a poster according to your wish. Now, it becomes easy to design historical timelines, chronologies, project plans and schedules with timeline maker, as this easy-to-access timeline software allows everyone to make professional timelines with the help of readily available multiple timeline formats.format

How to make a timeline within five easy steps:

  • Choose timescale for your timeline
  • Present your dates and events
  • Then add text and pictures if you need
  • Customize your timeline
  • At last, present your timeline

Choosing a timescale: Timeline maker contains more number of timeline features, which are easy to use. If you enter your dates and events, then the software will make use of standard time scale as default. But in certain cases, it will become a lot more advantageous to opt for a time scale suitable for your subject. Let us take an example, in case you want to make a timeline regarding dinosaurs, you can simply utilize geological timescale. Standard, daily, weekly, geological and historic are some of the time scales offered by timeline maker.

Entering dates and events: For inserting events, just click on the “time axis” option, which will give you dialog box where you can insert your events and dates. You can get to access the timeline outline for providing an instant overview regarding events, as it lists the events together with associated times.

Inserting pictures and notes: After entering events, you can insert pictures through adding visuals using the timeline software. For adding visuals, you will be provided with two options as you can either choose the option “branch picture” at the homepage or even drag and drop images on to the event. With the help of Sticky note or text note features, descriptions or notes could be written for your events. The timeline maker will permit you to attach an infinite amount of files to elaborate your events completely.

Customizing your timeline:

Furthermore, the look and feel of your timeline can be changed with the help of multiple timeline formats offered by the timeline software. Each layout will be previewed easily to check out which one suits more with your timeline. And then, you can choose from a wide range of styles so as to fit your desired layout.

Present your timeline: As mentioned above, you can save your timeline like a picture and make it available for any presentation if you are working on Power Point presentation or a website. You can also print your timeline using a unique printer function of the software and keep it as a poster.

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