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Features to Look Out for in a Time Tracking Software


Are you planning to install a project and time management software in your company? You have made the right decision. With project management software you can do wonders for your firm. But choosing a perfect managerial tool, like free time clock, might be a challenging task.

Here’s a list of few things from Time Clock Genie (timeclockgenie.com) to be considered while looking out for time management software:

  1. Simple time tracking Your time management software must assist you with simple time tracking of projects, tracking deadlines, and more. When you get your employees used to a timeline, they develop better habits. This means they turn more productive and more accurate in their work. You can save more time and turn it productive!
  2. Clocking in and out for employeesWith a project management system in place, you can give your employees the freedom to clock in and clock out from wherever they are. When you give them a tracker they will be more focused on their work, and will try to achieve more within a stipulated timeline. You can also alert them if they waver from their routine and help them get back on track.
  3. Plan employee shifts Preparing shifts for employees has been a logistical nightmare for a lot of managers. There’s so much to be considered, like different shift timings, varied payrolls, alternating work days, or even your employees leaves. But with free time clock software switching shifts, editing, copying, and even replicating schedules can be easily done with the click of a button.
  4. Customized alerts With a highly configurable alert system, you can easily monitor the tasks assigned, and other employee activities in almost real-time. The software must also have an individual time tracker through which you can alert each employee when they disorient from their work. With customized alerts, you can instantly convey any important information to your employees.
  5. Use with another software You might already have some managerial software or time tracker running on your system. But you would need a more sophisticated and dedicated software for handling your tasks. Make sure that you choose the right managerial software that gives you the option to integrate your older records and trackers along with it.
  6. Get powerful and punctual reports You need to customize your reports while submitting them to various departments. These report data can be from any working period to the present, past days, or even a futuristic report. Some reports might also need real-time tracking of a project. You need a powerful tool that can hold all these data together, so that you can consolidate them into various reports.
  7. Mobility support for employees Some days the employee might not be able to make it to the office and would like to work from home. With managerial software, you can easily track an employee’s work, even if they aren’t physically present in the office. Managers will also be easily updated about the progress of a project, tasks assigned to an employee, and other such responsibilities.

Now that you know what to look for in free time clock managerial software, you can search the internet and find the best one for your business firm.