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How to Download Tube Mate for PC


The TubeMate YouTube Downloader is popular of all the Downloader on the internet. The Application was originally meant for Android phones but now it can be installed on any device ranging from a simple Widows phone to Mac.

This internationally acclaimed App is the first one of its kind that enables you to download YouTube videos. Otherwise, you can’t download YouTube Videos directly on Smartphone or PC. The YouTube videos lack download option.

Among the other reasons why TubeMate YouTube downloader is so popular among the techies is its downloading speed and the ability to download Videos of all resolutions. Your TubeMate for PC, Smartphone or tablet can download videos up to 4K resolution.

Not just YouTube, your TubeMate for PC, Smartphone or Tablet has the ability to download videos from sites like Vimeo, Facebook and Dailymotion as well.

Steps to Download TubeMate for PC

As we mentioned above you can’t download TubeMate for PC directly on your device.  You would have to go on a different track to download TubeMate for PC.  And that track is downloading an Android emulator first and then downloading a TubeMate for PC.

The Procedure to Download TubeMate for PC Is As Follows:

  1. First of all download an android emulator for your PC.  An emulator is a tool that enables a computer user to run android applications on a computer.
  2. Now the million dollar question is which Android emulator is best for your PC.  There are scores of Android emulator available on the internet. The most commonly used Android emulator is BlueStacks but you can choose a one you like.
  3. Install the Android emulator on your Personal computer in the same way you install other computer programs.
  4. Now search for TubeMate within emulator, download and then install it.
  5. Now launch your BlueStacks Android emulator by a simple tap on its icon. It will take you to its home screen.
  6. Within the search field of the Android emulator, type or enter ‘TubeMate’ and tap “Search Play for TubeMate”.
  7. And then press on TubeMate Icon to install it within the emulator.
  8. Tap on install and it will take some time to install it on your device.
  9. Now return to the home screen of your Android emulator BlueStacks and visit All Apps section.
  10. The TubeMate Application is now ready for functioning.

Alternate Method to Download Tube Mate for PC

If you are not able to access TubeMate on your PC through an Android emulator, the alternate way is to download TubeMate APK and then right click it. Then tap “start with BlueStacks” option.

Steps to Use TubeMate on PC

After TubeMate for PC now follow the given below steps to use TubeMate Video Downloader on your device.

  1. Visit All Apps in BlueStacks and look for TubeMate, tap on it.
  2. You will come across the features and options of TubeMate
  3. After selecting your option, click on Next and search for a video through TubeMate.
  4. Tap on the green button and you will see the list of available output options.