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Fueling Workout Session with Health Bars


Blast of energy is what people think of when they think of energy bars. The health bars are created for a better workout session. They supposedly help people get wonderful workout and a session of strong muscle building. However, that is not the case always. The health bars are usually loaded with sugar that can ruin your workout session completely. However, there are some energy bars that can help you get the required energy and health boost when you take a bite, all you have to do is make the right selection. Peter Gaum is the founder of Santa Barbara health bars. He has first created the concept of the health with the objective of offering healthy dessert to the health freaks. However, with time people started using SB bars as health bars because of the normal ingredients that this bar offers and the nutrients that come along with it.

Peter has learnt a great deal about health bars as he attempted to improve SB bars. With time SB evolved into the kind of bar which even the health freaks started to prefer. Peter has seen the trend. He has understood that people usually don’t have any idea why they are eating an energy bar. Heunderstood that the beginners don’t know what to look for when they are picking up a health bar. Due to this reason, he decided to educate people about energy bars and how to make the right selection. Remember that the wonder word here is the right one and not the best one.

There are some ways to look at the situation says Peter Gaum when you are trying to decide which health bar to buy. When a company creates health bar they focus on two important facts –one is the sugar level and another one is the protein level. These two need to be balanced when creating the bars. Also, when you are consuming the health bar, these two facts you need toremember about. Buy energy bars that keep balance between protein and sugar.

The back of the pack is an important part of the total packaging. You need to check the ingredients before you buy anything for health purpose. According to the FDA reports anything that contains more than 3 grams of fat is not healthy. However, this is a complicated fact. You need to remember one very important fact when you are buying an energy bar. Never buy a bar which has ingredients that you cannot pronounce. This is because such ingredients can contain high sugar level which might ruin your diet routine.

When it comes to SB bars, says Peter Gaum Santa Barbara, you don’t have to be a dieter to eat it. This is for everyone who is looking for a healthy dose of eating. Yes, this can be meal replacement only when you are combining them with some health drink as any meal replacement needs to contain protein over 10 grams. For snacking, you can choose something with 5 grams of protein in it. Be careful about the rosy promises though. It is important that you make the choice carefully.

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