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Initiate A Change in the Diet Plan – Go for Raw Milk!


People around the world are following two extremes of diet plan – to eat a lot, or not to eat at all. Those who believe that eating less of no-fat products or no-carb diet is healthy they are not actually right. They have the option of eating healthy undoubtedly and they have the option of picking the right kind of nutrition anyhow. They shall be able to make the most of their healthy diet plan successful if they are going for balanced diet of farm fresh veggies and that too without a worry in the world.

There are many doctors who had previously discouraged the direct consumption of any vegetable or fruit straight from the farm market. Yes, that was because of the particles of pesticides and remnants of fungicide or herbicide that one could find on these vegetables.

That is when Geoffrey Morell decided to do a check of sorts, and find out if there is a need for spraying crops with harmful pesticides at all. He is the farm owner of PA Bowne Farmstead and he is also working with his wife, author, and founder of Weston A. Price Foundation. They have found that production of the crops without using any pesticide or chemical is possible and yes, healthy like nothing else.

Is it safe to consume farm vegetables that do not have any genetic modification or hormone enhancing chemicals in them? If one goes back to his roots, he would learn that people had not used these chemicals till the recent years when the sprays came around. The families, which lived on such farms, were always healthy and never had any dietary issues or issues related to liver or kidney.

In fact, when it comes to consuming raw food, Geoffrey Morell and his wife, Sally Morell also claim consuming raw milk and animal fats are also perfect. The consumption of raw foods has a lot of benefits too.

  • Consumption of raw milk, which comes from unpasteurized, and in its purest forms has benefits for complementing food with Vitamins A, and K along with a host of other minerals.
  • Raw milk has great use for skin and hair, besides increasing bone density and direct and wholesome supply of calcium to the body.
  • Raw milk has fatty acids too that is helpful to the body and mind.
  • Processed milk might have added sugar or even reduce all of these natural nutrients that are present in farm fresh raw milk. But that is not actually good for the body in the long run.

Those who have consumed raw milk have also found that consuming it is as filling and since it comes packed with vital nutrients, it is enjoyable too.

Similarly, people who believe in consuming protein bars and shakes shall instead go for a glass of raw milk. There are added health benefits of animal fats too that are equally helpful in building a good immunity system. Such discoveries these days are path breaking and thankfully, people are opening up to these ideas now.