Why does the Trident society consider cremation better than burial? – Junan Ghk

Why does the Trident society consider cremation better than burial?


Most people find it very difficult to move on in life, after the death of a loved one and dealing with the cremation and the funeral services of a loved one’s become all the more difficult.

Though society wants people to move on in life, however, it is important for the society to understand that, it is not very easy for a lot of people to deal with such a grief. So, often people do not even want to hear about the death of their loved ones and this is quite normal.

Though, according to the society norms, it is important for the family members of the deceased to attend, their funeral, however, some people find it very difficult, to do so, and such people should be left alone for some time. They should be allowed to take some time to come out of their grief. There is no point attending the funeral just to appease the society.

Death is the biggest truth of life, and so, the emotions expressed in the case of death should be genuine.

However, there is another thing that you have to remember here, that death is inevitable, and is constant in the life cycle of every individual. So, running away from reality could actually hinder the entire process of moving on in life. So, people who find it difficult, to deal with this reality should be given some time, to come out of their grief, however, somewhere down the line, it is important to talk to them about death.

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be quite difficult and so, the bereaved person, who is mourning the death of a family member, should never be left alone. So, when giving advice, to such people, it is important to choose the right words, so that the bereaved person does not feel bad. If you use words like, “Be strong” or “Be brave” can actually make them feel that the society is trying to put a lot of pressure in order to come out of the grief. So, words should be chosen in a way, so that the bereaved does no feel that the society is not showing due regard to their feelings.

Cremation is a very important aspect and so, it is important to arrange for the cremation services of the deceased. However, it is always better not to plan it before the bereaved family members.

There are certain advantages of the cremation services over burial services, and if you hire the services of Trident Society, then you will be able to have peace of mind. If you want to know more about the advantages, then here is a look:

  • Cremation services is more affordable than burial
  • Planning the cremation ahead will help you to have full control and have proper peace of mind.
  • Pre-planned cremation services will provide you with the lowest rates.

Trident Society understands the difficulty of coping with death and offers to provide the best cremation services at the time of death.