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Get the High-Calibre Salespeople for Your Business Concern


Businesses interested in furthering their turnover and profit margin must employ the right people. It means if they have a workforce that is sales oriented, then the chances of the company making more money is higher. The way to do this is to search for the right sales material right from the start, that is at the time of recruitment.

Choose the question bank

You can make selection process easier and better by choosing a screening test. Software companies design questions and form a test for every conceivable topic under the sun that companies will need to hire a fresh task force. They give you a question bank if you give them any department, say sales. They will give a battery of questions that deal with every aspect of sales. This will test the candidate thoroughly on the topic. Further, the organisation doing the recruiting can add their questions to the battery bank. This will then be the screening test for the candidate.

Get the sales test

When the organisation buys the sales personality test they get the full question bank dealing with the topic of sales. They will ask questions to check how aware the candidate is with the latest methods of business to consumer selling. The questions will probe the methodology used to make the sales pitch and how the candidate closes the sale.
You can establish a baseline of the skill set the candidate has regarding selling. This helps to serve as a measure for comparison of the skills of the candidates. Further, you can identify the areas of weakness and those of strength in the candidate. This will help you allocate the right work to the right person when the time comes.

Knowing the areas of weakness helps one to take measures to strengthen these areas. This will make the person stronger and improve his or her sales capabilities. You can improve the sales by sending those who are strongest in the specific category.

You can get the sales skills assessment questions to which you can add question after you get the question bank form the software company. By customisation the question paper, you can make the test tougher for the candidates. This test will serve as a measure of the effectiveness of the sales programme you give to the sales staff. You can also determine whether you need to increase the amount of training.

Types of questions

The questions are either a True or False type or a closeness factor type where you relate the answer on a scale of 1 to 5 to get the right answer. The organisation can see how the questions check the skill of the candidate in taking in information, his or her approach to the outside world, and how effective he or she is in directing the energy factors. You also see how good they are at making decisions and responding to situations.

This test is based on the sixteen personality types and their typical reaction to situations. So, you get to understand what kind of person you are employing and what you can expect from them.