LacchaParatha’s Cousin from Kerala – Malabar Paratha Is the New Culinary Buzzword – Junan Ghk

LacchaParatha’s Cousin from Kerala – Malabar Paratha Is the New Culinary Buzzword


You might have heard a lot about LacchaParathas, the North Indian paratha king, which is widely popular among the masses for its taste and fluffiness. However, there is another similar kind of paratha; so similar and yet so different that we like to call it LacchaParatha’s distant cousin from Kerala- Malabar Paratha.

Popularly known as Kerala Parotta, the Malabar Paratha is one of the most enjoyed street foods in Kerala. The Paratha originated in the Malabar region of Kerala and because of its taste and exceptional acceptance among the local foodies,it has made its way into the hearts of non-keralites as well. Today, it enjoys such huge popularity that it has gone on to become the world’s new favourite among India bread varieties.

A good Malabar Parotta is flaky, fluffy, soft and crispy- all at the same time. The taste you ask? It is so good that you can’t get enough of it. The Malabar paratha is a rage even in other parts of South India. One can have the same served at restaurants andmakeshift street food stalls with dishes like Beef Saalna, Chicken Kosha and Mutton Roghan Josh. If you are a vegetarian, you can relish Malabar Parotta with vegetable korma, Paneer butter Masala, KadhaiPaneer, Aloo Dum or simply with plain yogurt. It is an amazing breakfast optionand will keep yourhunger pangs away for the entire day. Interestingly, in some places, the Parotta is also served in religious events and marriages.


It requires elaborate cooking and is made with eggs, kneading flour (all-purpose flour), oil or ghee and water. There is a variety of Malabar paratha recipes you can try out at home. But bear in mind that theseparathas are different fromLacchaparathas. And hence, you are not going to attain the right tenderness and fluffiness for it unless you have followed the right set of cooking protocol.

There are other major differences between Lacchaparathas and Malabar Parathas, some of which have been dished out here-

  • A Lacchaparatha is made of wheat and only wheat (Atta). But a Malabar paratha is made of all-purpose flour (or Maida).
  • Although,Lacchaparathas do not usually contain any stuffing, Malabar parathas often come with eggs as a stuffing. Other varieties with vegetable stuffing are also found.
  • A Lacchaparatha is prepared by laying the paratha horizontally, while keeping the end points vertical and then the paratha is rolled out to a triangle shape. The Malabar paratha, however, has a different way of preparation. It is pressed along its circumferences. This is to make sure the layers of the paratha stand out and taste crispy.

Although popular, the Malabar paratha is hard to find in all parts of northern India. Not because it doesn’t appeal to the North Indians, but because they don’t know how to make Malabar parathaproperly. So, the perfect Kerala Parotta is yet to be found outside of Kerala. But we hope this new food sensation becomes an easy catch for everyone around the country and the world.