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Popular Soft Drinks In Philippines


Drinks are what we need to keep us hydrated, especially during summers. Everyone loves to have beverage whenever he/she wants to relax. Beverages are our friends when we go out on a date or while we hang out with our friends. Here we are listing some of the popular Beverages among people in the Philippines.

Zest-O is a ready to drink juice. It is cheapest among all other juices available in the market. Zest-o tastes like a real fruit. Its unique taste makes it popular among Filipinos. Four flavors of this drink are available in the market, namely, dalandan, grapple, orange and mango.

Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice is a good source of vitamin C and dietary fibers. The juice tastes very good as it is not at all sour. Drinking Del Monte Pineapple juice does not make you fat, it is a very healthy drink.

C2 Tea-Drink is an alternative to carbonated drinks. This comes in an easy to carry bottle and is good for health. C2 comes in many flavors, out of which lemon is the best. It is an affordable drink and available in 3 different sizes, the biggest is about 1 liter.

NesTea gives you many refreshing options, through their different flavors of iced-teas available in the market. NesTea has flavors like Mango iced-tea, Lemon iced-tea, Apple iced-tea, Calamansi iced-tea and Peach iced-tea. Calamansi iced-tea is highly recommended among all, calamansi is a local fruit also known as Philippine Lemon.

Gatorade is the first isotonic beverage in the market. This drink will keep athletes hydrated resulting high level of performance. It is a calorie free drink and available in many flavors in the market. Gatorade contains many vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and vitamin E. The drink have low sugar and carbohydrate.

Coca Cola is one of the most selling products in the world (for dealership Coca Cola Philippines contact number main office). It is the favorite carbonated drink of majority of people. The company has also come with ‘coke zero’ which is zero calorie drink.

Cobra is one of the top energy drinks available in the Philippines. It is a local energy drink available in sari-sari stores in a returnable bottle. Cobra provides instant energy. It is the best drink to supply Vitamin B and many other important nutrients to the body.

String is a drink, which is available in many flavors in the market. If you are tired or feeling sleepy, this drink will help you to take your tiredness away. String will instantly boost the energy level of your body and mind. It contains sugar and caffeine.

RC Cola is substitute to Coca Cola. It is second best carbonated drink after coca cola. This drink is available in many size, 2 liter is the biggest among all. This drink was developed in 1905.

Nescafe offers cold coffee which is liked by almost every coffee lover. Nescafe has been leading the coffee group for many years. It is most preferable drink among coffee addicts.

If you need more details about your favorite beverage, you can check their official website. For example, you can Coca Cola Philippines Contact Number for dealerships or complaints.

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