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Steroids to speed up muscle gain


Testosterone is a human hormone which is present in the male testes and helps them in many daily functioning. It gives the mal characteristics a boost to perform as desired. But there are many reasons when the hormone is not developed as it should within the body. This can be diagnosed by the doctor through a few tests. So, if you are diagnosed with a low testosterone level in the body then you need to undergo a treatment which will help you revive the testosterone levels. There is a treatment where injections are used to improve the level of testosterone. The recommended injections are of testosterone cypionate which is not available unless prescribed. You may see an increased apetite following testosterone dosages.

More about Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a name which is surrounded by many questions which are otherwise asked by all the curious patients. These questions could be as follows:

  • What is the dosage that I will need to take?
  • Will the dosage affect my body negatively?
  • Will my manhood be affected due to this usage?
  • What are the adverse effects of it on the body?
  • How effective is this and till when should I consume this drug?

All such questions are just as common as the problem. To start with testosterone is also found among women in their ovaries but in a small quantity. You may find that the testosterone cypionate is also used by athletes and body builders including women to abuse their body and get the desired results for a professional event including competitions. This gives an increased apetite following testosterone dosages which makes the body as strong as a stone and gives you the power to perform well. This is the reason it is only given through a prescription of a doctor which is not available unless you are diagnosed for it. This gives rise to black marketing of the drug which can be bad in many ways. You may not get the real drug and can be given the fake one which can harm your body in depth.
You may also see that your body has stopped creating the hormone on its own as the pituitary gland that produces it in the body is signaled that there is a good quantity of testosterone present in the body. This will make it work less as compared and then put a complete full stop to it. It is only available to be injected in the intramuscular area of the body. This would mean areas like buttocks, thighs, arms where the large muscles are available. There are different dosages available which make you work accordingly. The side effects seen with the sue of the drug can be many. Irritation in the mouth and gums, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, irritability, increased feeling of nervousness, lack of appetite, and pain during the urination a few side effects seen among the users. Al these side effects are not known to be seen in all the users and depends on the body type.