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Is it difficult to learn Korean online?


“A different language is a different vision of life.”-Federico Fellini

It is very well said that learning a new language is actually learning a new vision of your life. Every human mind and thus every culture have a different perception about life. When we start learning foreign languages, we get chances to understand and accept different perceptions about life thereby broadening our visions. So if you are thinking about learning a new language like Korean or French, just go ahead and start learning it.

Difficulty level of Korean-

Before even starting, people make their mindsets that Korean is a very difficult language. Because of this, they quit learning it only after a few days of their learning classes. But it is all about the mindsets. If you think that it is difficult- it will, of course, seem to be difficult. So instead of thinking negative, take it positively. Have patience and learn Korean as it is a wonderful language.

Korean language- A children’s script-

The origin of Korean language says that it was created by King Sejong in 1400. This language was made and formed to be so easy to learn that it was even referred to as ‘a children’s script’. The alphabets (consonants and vowels), grammar rules, sentence formations and other language rules of Korean language are so easy to learn that even small children can learn them very easily.

Concept of mathematical grammar-

Grammar rules are considered to be the most difficult to learn in any language. A lot of things have to be memorized and then applied in different situations. Along with the rules, you also have to memorize the exceptional cases where those rules won’t be applied. But in the Korean language, learning grammar is really easy.

You must have studied normal mathematics rules of addition and subtraction. Same rules are applicable in Korean grammar learning along with the concept of verb stem. So there is nothing difficult in learning Korean grammar. Even the rules of grammar are also expressed in simple ‘+’ forms.

Increasing popularity-

Gone are the days when foreign languages were not given much importance. Just like the Korean song ‘Gangam style’; the Korean movie ‘The Interview’ and the Korean novel- ‘Please look after mom’- the Korean language is also getting very popular.

Increasing population of China and Japan sometimes seems to overcome the importance of Korean language. But with the expanding traditions and culture of Korea, Korean language is gaining more and more popularity. Because of these reasons, a lot of online tutoring classes have been established to teach Korean on the internet to the students sitting in various countries of the world.

Numerous opportunities to learn and practice-

Learning Korean is easy and practicing it is even easier. A lot of online tutoring classes are given these days. These classes are given by extremely qualified and experienced teachers who make learning Korean really easy for the learners.

You can learn very good Korean from online Korean tutors at and practice it with them. If you are living in those areas, then a lot of native people are found to be interested in learning English. So you can practice a lot with them also.

Easily understandable alphabets, no tones, and lesser exceptions make it even easier-

The entire Korean language is based upon a phonetic alphabet which contains a set of 24 letters. Out of which, 14 are consonants and 10 are vowels. These 24 letters are combined to form all the sounds of the language.

Most of the languages like English have a lot of exceptions or exceptional rules which have to be kept in mind while using it. But in the Korean language, no such exceptions are there.  Also, unlike other languages,Korean does not have any confusing tones.

All these factors make it really easy for learning Korean. So there is no other confusing factor left which can make you think that Korean is difficult to learn.

Make it easy on your own-

“Everything is hard before it is easy.”

-Goet he

As it is said in the above- shown picture- try to make it easy on your own. With every accomplished step, you will find it becomes even easier.The well-known online tutoring classes of Korean literally make it really easy for the learners by giving proper study material and using the easiest possible ways of teaching.


Languages are really easy to be learned if learned from a well-qualified and experienced teacher. So attend the best online tutoring classes for Korean and you will definitely be able to excel in that within no longer time.

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