Hello there, hope you doing good. Now coming to the kitchen, I understand that there is a lot of space needed than you actually have. Because the clutter seems to be adding up and thus the little space you managed so difficulty to make also gets occupied.

But what you don’t realize is that the increased workspace is not the solution. The solution lies in using the space that is already going unnoticed. And so, here I am, presenting to you simple hacks that can make your kitchen space effective and even attractive. Read on :

1. The Hidden Space

And that hidden space is the entire area below your kitchen workspace or the cooking island. You stand and cook there, but have you ever thought about the entire place below. I know, this almost provides place for half of the clutter. And if you add racks to them, then what more could you wish for. The not so frequently used stuff can be placed over there, thus making enough room on the top for things you’ll be needing everyday.

2. The Sink Cabinet

Again, here it is. Simple and again goes unnoticed. The entire cabinet below the kitchen sink has so much space that it can easily make some space for the huge containers that are used only for special occasions. Also there is no damage to any food or item if there is any leakage or breakage in the sink pipe or hose. People usually use that space for storing any other requirements like toiletries and all that. But this is completely your call.

3. The Huge-Cabinet Hack

Stack on the racks. The best you can do. The problem is sometimes you come across kitchen cabinets that are long in height and much less wide, when instead it should be the other way around. But no panic. All you have to do is get racks and place them according to your needs. The racks should be chosen wisely, considering the strength and storage.

4. The Cute Little Baskets.

Now these can be real good for things that are small and ate of daily use, like the little salt jar or the pepper one. They can also be the small little kitchen tools and equipments along with the handled utensils that can be hung on the she’s of the little basket. The entire place just above the counter can be used to hold the baskets on spring sticks that are hard and strong enough to hold them.

5. The Small Pouches For Things.

The cabinet and closet doors are the ideal place for this hack. All you have to do is carefully nail the pouch or a cloth bag on the inside of the door and your work is done. Best for the small sachets of any kitchen requirement or the small little spoons and forks and ladles that one uses, this hack has always been a saviour.

So here it is, although there are a hundred more hacks that are possible. What made me not mention them were that they were all related to adding racks and pouches and baskets that sums to the entire article you just read. And by this time, you might actually be knowing what goes where and what can be improved. So go on and make your kitchen clutter free and beautiful to look at.

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Happy Kitchening… 🙂