Do you think that you need to be a globetrotter to earn airline miles? It’s time to think again. There are myriad of options that let you rack up miles, without even a trip to the airport. Read on for discovering exciting ways to earn miles, without being a frequent flier.

A vast majority of people don’t focus on frequent flier miles because they falsely assume that these programs are tailored for only for those who live a jet-setting life. In fact, the truth couldn’t be far from that.

There are several other lucrative and easy ways to build sufficient airline miles – even for regular passengers, who just fly a couple of times, a year.

The Best and Easiest Ways to Earn Frequent Flier Miles without Actually Flying

  1. Sign up for a co-branded airline credit card

This is the best way to earn miles, without jumping through plenty of hoops. All you have to do is search the market for available co-branded airline credit or debit cards. Then approach your bank to apply for this card.

Once you receive it, make sure to carry out your regular shopping through this card. For every minimum purchase you make using this card, you are rewarded with airline miles which accumulates in your account.

Once you have sufficient miles, you can redeem it for your dream holiday flight bookings.

  1. Get Those Miles Every time You Shop

Most frequent flyer programs such as the Jet Airways JP miles program rewards you with additional miles every time you shop at retail partners of the program. All you have to do is land on your preferred shopping portal, from the frequent flier programme webpage. Make sure to enter your frequent flier number and then click on your preferred online shopping destination and complete your purchase as usual.

You get rewarded with airline miles for every minimum amount spent. Say 5 miles, for every 100 INR spent and so on.

  1. Dine Out

Most airlines have dining partners spread across the country. Every time, you dine out at any one these partner restaurants with your friends and family for leisure, business, or any other reasons, you are rewarded with frequent flier miles, which adds to the existing miles in your account.

  1. Earn miles on Car Rentals and Hotel Stays

To help you rack up extra points while you travel, airlines partner with an extensive network of hotels and car rentals all across the globe. Every time you rent a car or stay at a hotel that is affiliated to the airline or the programme you choose, you accumulate air miles.

For instance, if you wish to earn miles for car rentals, visit the page of your frequent flier programme. As mentioned before, enter your number, and then click on your preferred rental partner and complete the transaction as usual.

  1. Fuel up

Filling fuel for your car or two-wheeler is something that’s mandatory. How about earning miles, every time you fuel up? Yes, by refuelling at a partner outlet, your airline rewards you with miles, which gets added to your frequent flier account.

To earn miles, make sure to find the list of partner outlets in your area, mention your frequent flier number before you pay the bill.

With just some careful planning and some research, you can quickly earn airline miles without even stepping aboard a plane. Once you have collected sufficient miles, you can redeem it while booking flights for your dream destination.