Pink is a powerful colour. It has the potential to brighten up any dreary-looking room. It’s often associated with being girly, but it can bring a touch of class to any modern home. Here’s how:

A statement sofa

A pink sofa or a sofa with pink accessories, such as cushions and throws, often looks the best in a room where it’s unexpected. And remember that there are thousands of tones of pink to choose from, so you’re certainly not stuck with hot pink.


If you’re not ready to go bold and bright with pink, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the colour altogether. Imagine soft pink lamp shades, baby pink flower vases or different shades of pink in a rug covering solid wood flooring. Take a look at the variety of rugs here for inspiration.

Pink goes with everything

Modern design allows you to incorporate your personality into your living space. So, if you like to be adventurous, pink could be the perfect colour palette. It goes with most other colours, fabrics, textures and even animal prints!
Pink and wood

Whether it’s pink flowers in a wooden vase or pink rugs on a wooden floor, there’s no better combination than pink and wood. Choose the perfect wooden floor for your pink decor from a provider such as

Neon signs

Want to make your bedroom extra cosy? Hanging a pink neon sign above your bed could be just the night light you need.