When buying a bike, one of the most important criteria is its fuel efficiency. In simple terms, fuel efficiency means the proportion between the vehicle and the amount of fuel it has consumed. Fuel efficiency is better known as mileage. Maintaining the fuel efficiency of your bike is very essential as the main aim of buying a bike is being cost-effective.

If you are able to keep your bike fuel-efficient, the benefits are many. When you have a bike, you have to have bike insurance too. So, if your bike is well maintained, you can not only cut the expenses on fuel but also improve the life of your bike. Thus, it helps in lowering of overall cost in the longer run.

Let us take a look at 7 effective tips to get maximum fuel efficiency from your bike:

  1. Ride Steady

To achieve a better fuel efficiency, it is advised that you ride your bike at a steady and controlled speed. An average speed between 40 kmph -50 kmph along with least possible uses of brakes can improve the fuel efficiency, whereas an abrupt acceleration consumes much more fuel.

  1. Air Pressure

If the air pressure in the tire is too less it would decrease the fuel efficiency whereas higher air pressure can reduce the traction and make the ride risky. Thus, air pressure should be just right.

  1. Save Fuel

Switching off the engine when idling for long, is an effective way to increase the mileage of your bike.

  1. Maintenance

Another way to improve the fuel efficiency of the bike is to keep it well maintained. Get the servicing done on time and from authorized service centers.

  1. Highest Gear

When riding, try to shift to the highest gear as soon as possible. This can decrease the engine’s speed and improve fuel efficiency.

  1. Avoid Modifications

To achieve good mileage from your bike, you must avoid making modifications to it. Wider tire, a new exhaust system can hamper the fuel efficiency.

  1. Ride Safe

A well looked after bike will obviously be more fuel efficient as a compared to a bike that is accident prone.

The above-mentioned ways are really simple and can help you in increasing the fuel efficiency of your bike. If you are planning to buy two wheeler insurance online, then having a fuel-efficient bike can help you. Just like every other thing, buying bike insurance online is also becoming popular. It is, therefore, important to optimize the premium when getting your bike insurance.

Even when you have bike insurance, you must refrain from making claim against every dent and scratch that your bike gets. Getting an NCB, No Claim Bonus is more beneficial in the long run. If you are inclined then you can join the Automobile Association of India, as there are certain bike insurance companies that provide discounts to members of such associations. This might be effective in reducing your bike insurance premium.

If you are able to keep your bike safe from accidents, theft or vandalism, when you buy bike insurance online or even offline, you may be offered a lower rate of premium. Thus, it makes sense to opt for two-wheeler insurance online for your bike.

In the end, remember, that when buying bike insurance, the only criteria should not be a low premium. Rather you must opt for a plan which gives you the best benefits at the best cost. Ensure that you do not lower the IDV (Insured declared value) of your bike to lower the insurance premium. All claims are paid proportionate to the IDV, so a lower IDV would mean that all claims payable would be lowered. Thus, you need to compare the positives and negatives of each policy and then decide what suits your budget and your requirements the most.