If you’re searching for a new swag, it’s possible that you’re a bit perplexed as to what the variations are and how to select the correct one. To secure you from the uncertainty, we’ve noted below the main things you require seeing for when selecting swag! If you’re in the market for a new swag, it’s an intimidating work to work one’s way through all the brands and various kinds on offer and gets the one that favours you. We hope the following tips help you to make some sense of it all and they furnish you to make the best selection:

  1. Traditional or Dome swag: Traditional Swags are normally two coating of canvas with a mattress in between. They’re light in weight, packed closely when rolled up, easy to take and transport and are generally cheap than dome swags. Dome Swags, because of their shape and height give load of room inside while keeping the canvas away from your face. They offer simple side and/or head entry, are basically well ventilated and will keep insects, pest and snakes out.
  2. Swag comes in 3 Sizes: Single, King Single and Double.
  3. Material: Good canvas swags are made from an amalgamation of cotton and polyester fibres. This produces a finished material that is breathable, corrosion-proof and airtight. The weight or grade of the canvas is basically counted in ounces per square yard (oz), or grams per square metre (gsm).
  4. Canvas or PVC Base: Swag with a PVC base will almost always keep the swag dryer in wet places than one with a canvas base. However it will be inclined to be less breathable and liable to condensation in warm and humid conditions. A shade works the similar as a PVC base if the swag you like doesn’t have one. An extra advantage of a shade is that you can use it as a clean surface to step on as you enter or leave your swag.
  5. Mattress: Swag mattresses are normally made from high-density open cell foam with an able to be washed without being damaged poly-cotton cover that can be moved away for washing. For extra comfort, self-aerated mats make good inclusions or options when it’s essential for closely packed storage or transport.

Think about a swag carrier or swag safeguard system to preserve your swag when transporting or storage. It will shield against ruination and keep your swag clean of dust and dirt. Many sleeping bag brands offer sleeping bags that are best for use with swags. Favourable bags are generally 80-100cm wide, have no hood, and are not too heavy that they can’t be rolled up and left in the swag. Confidently now you feel cosy while selecting a swag that suits your requirements, buy double swag online but before purchasing if you require further help, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to indicate you in the correct direction, to ensure you get a swag that’s apt for you.