Are you looking to expand your Singapore investment portfolio? You must have heard of stocks, mutual funds, and derivatives but have you tried insurance trading policies? Insurance trading policies are a highly effective, beneficial, and scalable way to invest successfully and build a wide and extensive investment portfolio. A high ROI, fixed time for investment, and the enhanced liquidity make insurance policies a great way to invest and build a healthy and attractive portfolio.

While dealing with tradable insurance policies can be a bit daunting and complicated at times, the plethora of advantages more than make up for it. Here are some advantages that will convince you to invest in insurance policies and expand your Singapore investment portfolio:

High Liquidity

Investing in insurance policies offer high and attractive liquidity rates that you can easily avail. If you want to resell your insurance policy, you can effortlessly enjoy high liquidity in the secondary market. Surrendering your policy to the policy issuer also gives you the opportunity to earn and enjoy high liquidity rates.

Higher ROI

One of the problems investors usually face is the arrival of a bad year. While the investors may be getting paid through the good times, as soon as a bad year occurs, the deal gets compromised and everyone suffers. When you invest in tradable insurance policies, this problem is completely eliminated and you are saved from the consequences of a bad year. This is mainly because insurance companies do not pay all the dividends in one go. They store a certain part in the reserve to be used if such a times occur. This makes tradable insurance significantly safer and your Singapore investment portfolio more attractive.

A fixed duration

One of the best things about tradable insurance policies is that they are limited to a fixed duration. So, if you invest in them, you are saved from any risks and disadvantages of value fluctuations. The fixed duration also allows the investors to invest, freely and easily, before it matures to gain maximum profitability.

Lack of policy set-up cost

If you have some experience with insurance policies, you will know just how expensive the set-up cost is. Moreover, it takes one to two years and the majority of the money to stabilize the cost. Tradable insurance policies offer you the opportunity to completely forego the set-up cost. You can easily buy them in a secondary market at a cost-effective rate. Since the majority of the cost would have been already paid-off by the first buyer, you will be saved from spending the extra money.

Investing in tradable insurance policies will not only expand your Singapore investment portfolio but will also offer you great flexibility to adjust your insurance coverage. Get a financial advisor and start your investment journey today!