An avid traveler knows that after a while, almost all cities around the world start to feel the same. You end-up in more or less in the same hotels with the same amenities, swimming pools, and same RV patio mats with same city hustle. But, Buenos Aires is not like any other city you will ever visit. While it’s not possible to pinpoint the exact reasons that make this place so unique; but it’s like a beautiful combination of South American soil beautified with a dash of the European elegance.

Here are the top reasons why setting foot in this unique place is worth the time and investment –

A blend of unique architecture

The thing about this Argentinean capital is that it hasn’t followed a particular architecture that would seem dominant to an outsider. But, instead it’s a mix of different styles. You will observe a random mix of cosmopolitan designs in its buildings andmonuments. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself standing in front of an art-nouveue tower right next to a Parisian styled mansion.

While on a free walking tour Buenos Aires; the cobble stoned streets will take you back into the past and make you feel connected with the place’s history. If you happen to have deep appreciation for architectural marvels, Buenos Aires will turn out to be your haven.

The organized chaos

This city is not for those who find it hard to process intensive things, because ‘intense’ is this city’s middle name. From the overwhelming public transit system, to a complex network of routes, to random strikes breaking into the streets fight for LGBT rights; you will be exposed to an atmosphere that always seems to be in a hurry. However, all that chaotic lifestyle somehow seems organized and eventually you’ll come to appreciate it.

Never ending array of festivities

Argentina is a country that is always looking for reasons to celebrate one thing or the other. Speaking of which, Buenos Aires hosts countless festivals throughout the year.Fashion Buenos Aires is a weeklong festivity that happens twice a year; orchestrated to celebrate fashion. Other than that, Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film and La Rural are other festivals you can be a part of. Additionally, gay pride parades are a common site in Buenos Aires. The city is always celebrating music, art, and dance with festivities like Semana De Jujuy and Oktoberfest.

Caring and generous people

Buenos Aires is not one of those places where everyone seems to be following the ‘survival of the fittest’ ideology. People here are incredibly warm, loving, and generous. Don’t be surprised if you see someone going out of his way just to help a stranger. The random acts of kindness are a common sight in this city. The loving and caring people together have created a beautiful culture which is worth exploring.

Foodies’ Paradise

A foodie is not just someone who appreciates good food. He is someone who’s not afraid to experiment with new and interesting cuisines. If you’re someone like that then Buenos Aires will treat your taste buds to palatable foods. From fine wine tasting sessions to lip smacking interesting cuisines and seafood; the options for foodies to try out new flavors are endless here.

So, are you up for a unique travel experience?