Halloween is the festival where everyone wants to dress themselves in such costumes that no one could ever imagine. Gone are the days where people wore only scary and spooky costumes in Halloween, so that’s why to dissolve old fashion costumes fashion industries introduce new and trending Halloween costumes every year.

But there are some consequences which you have to face while shopping for such clothes, firstly you can’t find it in physical stores and if you do than you are not sure if it is original or not. So most of the people move towards online rather than going to market to find these unique and different Halloween costumes, but the main drawback of online shopping for these costumes is that, they are not pocket friendly and unfortunately many people can’t afford it,because they think no matter how unique and beautiful their costume is they can’t wear it that often.

Luckily, for all those people here are some memorable Halloween costume ideas which will not cost more than 5$ and can also give you a unique look.

  • Mummy Costume

Mummy is one of the best yet unique idea for your Halloween. You can easily change yourself as mummy in just few minutes. But many of us don’t want to wrap all those bandages around themselves, so for all those here is an easy way to fix that problem. Just take any of your white fabric which is not in use and cut it in large strips, than take a t-shirt with long sleeves, attached those strips with hot glue gun and wore that t-shirt. For face use any mask which will suit your attire. You can also splatter some fake blood on your lips and shirt if you want.

  • Charley Chaplin Costume:

Charley Chaplin is everyone’s favorite. And who doesn’t like to dress himself/herself like him, of course everyone does. So to dress yourself like Charley Chaplin you just have to buy a white and black strap t-shirt which will not cost more than 2$ and if you already have similar t-shirt than it’s really good. Just wore that t-shirt with any casual or formal pant and don’t forget to wear a cowboy hat with a moustache.

In A Nutshell

If we really want to make your Halloween more special without effecting you pocket than these homemade costume ideas is good for you. There are many other ideas of homemade costume if you want to know than internet is available for you.

Furthermore, online stores also have some Halloween costumes which you will get in your budget. Online stores also offer some great discount and deals on occasion like Halloween, so if you don’t have enough time to make all those homemade costumes than you can buy it from online stores under your budget.