In a single sentence, a brand is the unique identity of a business which differentiates it from its competitors. The brand is by which the consumers recognize a certain company. Brand development includes the process of building the image of the brand in the society and creating a positive perception towards the company in the mindset of the consumers.

Steps taken for Brand Development explained by Brian Carr

A strong brand name gives you a huge edge over your competitors. A positive growth in your brand’s development may result in more sales, better business deals and an increase in the company’s goodwill. Mr. Carr lists the following steps to be taken in order to develop a brand:

  • The first step of every business is to identify its target market. Each type of product is made for a certain niche of people. The target market could be identified on the basis of different parameters, like age, sex, geographical area, education, economic status and so on. There is no point in targeting the people who have no use for your product, thus choose the target market with care.
  • After choosing the target market, a research must be conducted on them to get a better idea of their requirements. The image of your brand should resonate with the priorities of your targeted consumers.
  • Developing a name, a logo and a tagline for the brand is the next big step towards Brand Development. They form the symbol of your brand, communicating its message to the masses.
  • Then you are required to position your brand appropriately in the market in order to attract the consumers. Highlight the unique selling proposition or the USP of your brand to set it apart from the competitors.
  • This is the age of the internet and having a strong presence in it is vital for any business to survive. A website developer himself, Brian Carr Naples highlights the need of using a website as a tool of brand promotion. These days before buying any product, consumers researches about it on the internet. If your website is not up to the mark then many consumers might not even give your product a chance. A website having accurate information about the company and its products increases the trust of the consumers on it.
  • The final step to this process is the follow up. While implementing the above steps is important, so is conducting a follow up on them from time to time. With time the people’s choices change, market trends change and the company needs to evolve itself accordingly.

After gaining a substantial experience in the field of brand promotion, Brian P Carr concludes that an effective brand promotion strategy can turn even a small scale business into a huge success.

The consumers are the essence of any business; they are the ones deciding the success or the failure of a business.  Efficient brand development helps in developing a deeper trust for the company from the point of view of the consumers and people purchase from the companies they trust.