Physical ailments are a very common problem in the present world, but it seems that the mental or emotional ailments are no less in number. In fact, the mental patients have outnumbered that of the physically ailing ones. The mental or emotional problems are mostly a result of spiritual void somewhere, and it is this spiritual need that can be taken care of at Calvary Houston, a community church that started in 1982 in Northwest Houston.

It is amazing to note how Lord Jesus Christ guided this church that begun just with three members to flourish into a wholesome church today with 120 people leading so many others in re establishing their faith and finding a stronger bond with God. They believe it was only by the guidance and blessings of the Lord that they have been able to set up their present status and are able to give peace and inner healing, through the word of God, to everyone who steps into their doorstep.

Calvary Houston calls this journey of theirs the Calvary quest and they feel that the Lord has chosen them and called them into a relationship with Him; a relationship that is deep, abiding, refreshing and a Spirit filled companionship. They further believe that God has built them up on an apostolic and prophetic foundation. The Bible forms the foundation of this church; every word of the Bible is contemplated upon and in this way they try to understand what message God has for every separate individual who seeks His blessings.

Value Life And Make It Easier As Guided by Calvary Houston

You may have noticed that even when people have every material luxury in their life, they fail to find inner peace and happiness. The reason behind this is that people have dedicated their lives to things that cannot give them any spiritual satisfaction. They refuse to go to god who has the solutions to all their problems’ and even if they do go they expect everything to happen within the blinking of an eye.

And in case their prayers are not answered immediately, what they generally start believing is there is no God. This is an absolutely unfortunate scenario that is rampant everywhere you go. People forget the promises Jesus has made while He lived here on Earth. The Christian church calls every faithful to believe that nothing in this world can change the word of God, what has been promised will be done.

What then is the need of the hour? It is time for men to turn away from their sinful ways and seek reparation for their sins by being repentant and being regenerated by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity, was entrusted with the duty to take care of mankind every moment after Jesus a went back to his heavenly abode.

The worship services of the Calvary church helps one attain this reunion with the Spirit through the praise and worship of God the Almighty. So, grab the opportunity and claim your inner healing by making a visit to one of these worship services.