When you suffer from serious injuries because of a motor vehicle accident on account of another person’s carelessness, you go through a period of financial hardship. You have a fundamental right under the law to claim reasonable monetary compensation from the guilty party for such negligence. This money is to cover the medical expenses need to incur to heal your injuries, recover from the trauma of the incident and loss of remuneration. However, experts from the legal profession say insurance companies go out of their way to deny you any kind of compensation. In such a situation, they say you need to hire a proficient personal injury lawyer to ensure you get justice.

Daniel E. DeKoter- Get The Justice You Deserve

Daniel E. DeKoter is a prominent personal injury and insurance attorney from Sibley, Iowa. He says a proficient personal injury attorney ensure his/her clients get the monetary compensation they deserve if sustain injuries in a motor vehicle accident. This is also to provides relief for the emotional trauma these people go through during the ordeal and make for the financial loss they incur. The legal professional you hire to represent you in your personal injury case usually performs the following 5 important functions:

  1. Initial Investigation

The proficient personal injury lawyer you hire to handle your lawsuit will carry out a thorough investigation of your case. This is necessary for purpose of gathering necessary evidence, interviewing potential witnesses, taking down statements and collecting relevant documents.Such a step goes a long way in helping such an expert to understand your case.

  1. Pleadings

In this stage, your attorney will draft numerous legal documents in the form of pleadings, summons and motions on your behalf. This is to ensure that your case comes up for trial in a court of law.

  1. Discovery

In the process, your personal injury attorney will exchange necessary information with guilty parties’ counsel. Such a professional will also try to gather facts regarding you case from other sources, which he/she can present to the judge and jury. In many cases, this expert may also visit the scene of your motor accident to gather additional evidence.

  1. Trial

During the trial, this legal professional will go out of his/her way to present your case before the judge and jury. He/she will present the necessary evidence before them and make necessary argumentson why you deserve to get the compensation you seek. He/she will also contest the arguments and statements that the guilty parties’ counsel present in court. Such a professional will always go the extra mile to ensure the verdict of the judge is in your favor.

  1. Settlement

A situation may arise where the guilty parties’ counsel may seek an out of court settlement with you rather than going through a trial. In such cases, your attorney will represent you in the proceeding negotiations.

Daniel E. DeKoter says sustaining injuries in a motor vehicle accident because of another person’s negligence is ordeal you may never be able to forget. However, the monetary compensation you get from the courts as justice can help you to rebuilt your life. A personal injury attorney you hire for your case ensures this happens.

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