The discipline that helps in exploring either the space or body of a microorganism is called engineering science. An engineer’s responsibilities include improving the quality of life and making the world a better place to live. Such responsibilities make engineering an exciting profession. A top engineering college in Uttarakhand focuses on teaching students the theory and practicality associated to the field.

Up-and-coming fields of engineering

The engineers strive to develop new techniques of problem solving. There are several branches of engineering that have contributed in construction of the contemporary society. Apart from the established disciplines, a few other engineering fields that have dominated the present-day world are listed below.

  • Automobiles

Automobiles have been one of the key factors to propel global economic growth. Automobiles, as an invention, showcase the ingenuity of technologists. Also, automotive engineers introduce new vehicle designs to ensure the traveller’s safety.

  • Aeronautics

The developments in the aeronautic field make air transport quick and convenient. High-quality air transportation has enabled quick commercial, personal and cultural interactions.

  • Nuclear technologies

The nuclear technologies offer an innovative alternative to the electric energy. Further, the nuclear technologies render innovative capabilities in imaging, medical research and military use.

  • Petroleum & gas technologies

The Petroleum & Gas Engineering explores and processes oil as well as gases. This field is known for exploring petrochemicals – a significant ingredient for aspirins, zippers, and the like.

  • Health technologies

A specific field of engineering is dedicated to design and manufacture a range of diagnostic equipment as well as artificial treatment machines. Health technologists can design imaging technologies, bio-materials, artificial organs, and the like.

  • Laser & Fibre Optics

Technologists having knowledge of Laser & Fibre Optics design several industrial tools, satellites, surgical device, and other similar products. Such engineers have an indispensible role to play in telecommunications. These engineers design and manufacture fibre-optic cables.

  • Space exploration

Some technologists study the nitty-gritty of spacecraft. These engineers conceptualize and manufacture spacecraft that can accommodate to indifferent conditions of the space. Also, these engineers design equipment (satellite system, wireless communication machinery, etc.) used specifically in a spacecraft.

  • Imaging technology

A set of technologists is dedicated to explore the field of imaging technology. The imaging techniques are essential for probing human bodies, tracking weather patterns and mapping ocean floors.

  • Agricultural Equipment

Many technologists are devoted to build special farming machinery. These technologists design as well as manufacture tractors, cultivators, etc. In this field, the engineers leave no stone unturned to conceive a machinery design that can increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Electrification

A specific group of engineers is committed to work on electrification. Such technologists work for bringing power in several critical sectors such as household, food processing, air conditioning, refrigeration, entertainment, transportation, communication, health care, computers, and many more.

Each of the best universities adopts cutting-edge pedagogical practices to teach such up-and-coming engineering disciplines. DIT is among the top 10 private universities in India, offering engineering courses in several disciplines. With the advancements in technology, engineers are expected to play a more active role in societal building.