Malaysia is well-known for its breathtaking beaches, relaxing beaches, and cultural influences. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur, wherein you can enjoy the view of 451-m tall Petronas Twin Towers and tall skyscrapers. Aside from beautiful landmarks, you can also enjoy shopping at Bukit Bintang. For a traveler, money is indeed a necessity. All of your activities must be paid before you take it. If you want to explore more, you can use mobile banking while travelling in Malaysia when paying and safety purposes.

OCBC Bank at Malaysia

OCBC is considered as one of the largest established banksin Malaysia. The bank was established back in 2008 and become the first Singapore-based Islamic Bank to be established in Malaysia. OCBC Malaysia has a total of 40 branches as of now and is still growing. They offer 3 types of banking accounts, the 360 account, the booster, and the fixed deposit. Once you attain to have an account at OCBC, you can enroll inpersonal mobile banking. You can use mobile banking while travelling in Malaysia for your convenience.

Perks of Mobile Banking

You need an account to be able to enroll for online banking. Mobile banking is the most convenient, fastest, and secure way to access your account. To enroll in online banking, you need to fill up a form here as an application for online banking. Once you’re successfully enrolled in online banking, you can download the application right on your mobile phone.

The application can be used in both Android and iPhone mobile phones. For Android users, download your app through this link while for iOS users, download your app here. Through installing your personalized app on your mobile phones, you can easily access your funds right at your fingertips.

In OCBC mobile banking, you can access your account’s information like your current balance, withdrawals, and payments. You can also transfer funds to any account in Malaysia, and you can also pay bills through mobile banking. You can directly debit a payment for your maintenance bills on your ASTRO, Maxis, Digi, Celcom or TNB Bills, and other linked establishments.

Through ODBC mobile banking, you can easily view your latest bank statements and transactions. You can access your savings and investments instantly. Aside from that, you can also view your loans and its transactions. Aside from accessing your important statements, the mobile banking app also gives significant insights on how to budget your money wisely.

You can also find or locate an ATM machine nearest your location through your mobile banking app. If you’re having any concerns and questions, you can also call or email us directly to your application on your mobile.

In terms of security. OCBC offers the secure way of your mobile information and transaction. To be able to access an account, the user should input a 2-FA code, and it has a data encryption feature. Through OCBC mobile banking, you can manage your finances and expenditures. All figures are guaranteed up to date, and all data are accessible in just one click.