If you like to be the money-saviour then you must save the money or deposit the great amount of money in your bank account so that; you can easily live your life after the retirement. When you get retired, one thing always comes to your mind and that is the money which you have saved in the bank account. Money plays a vital role in everyone’s life and after the retirement, it plays a significant role in our life. Let’s discuss about the tips to save the money for Life & Retirement.

Do not wash your clothes in the Laundry:

You should be advised not to wash your clothes in the laundry so that; you can save your money. Besides, the money which you spend on washing to the clothes, that can be saved easily in your bank account. The habit of washing clothes in the laundry can be the actual cause to have the wastage of money. Instead of washing the clothes in the laundry, you should wash the clothes in your washing machine that you have in your home. Apart from this, saved money always becomes helpful for you to live the peaceful life after the retirement. Thus, you should not go to the laundry with which the extra amount of money is wasted.

Do less sexual activity:

You would think that; this tip is amazing but on the other side, this tip will also help you to save the money in your bank account. You must have less sexual activity while saving the money for the life after the retirement because if you will do the sexual activity, you will have to eat more for making your body energetic. Money actually spends on your food after having the sex. The fact is that; every part of the money is important for you to save in the bank account. Do not do the sexual activity if you want to save the money in your account.

Earn extra income from different sources:

You should earn extra by doing the extra work in your life. Come from your job and do any additional work from which you earn the certain amount of money and you can save that money in your bank account. You can invest your money in the share market in the free time and can earn the money that does not allow you to feel uncomfortable from the money point of view. You should earn as much as you can and collect the money. If your bank account will be stable then you will also be stable to live the happiest life in future after the retirement.

Do not utilize Air conditioners at your home:

You should not use the air conditioners because the utilization of air conditioners can bring you the higher amount electricity bill. At this condition, you are unable to save the money in your bank account. You should concentrate more and more on your money savings. Utilization of air condition can only waste to your money. You can use only fan during the summer season and try to focus on saving lot of money. Once you get the electricity bill , it wastes the whole money that you saved in the bank account.

Make sure you are not mis sold of either Shares  or  Mis sold pension – SIPPS.  You may contact professionals for compensation and claims help.