Who doesn’t want to look good? But it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It always needs some efforts from one’s side and a sense of styling.

Talking about fashion, it’s a trend that most of us follow in our day today lives. It is not only about flaunting that newly arrived dress or design or the accessory that you watched your favourite celebrity wore. It’s about wearing what suits you, being comfortable in your skin and carrying yourself well and in style.

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Let’s discuss a few things that every girl should know about fashion or about being fashionable.

  • Know about yourself: For those who are still the beginners, first of all, know about your body type. It is essential since everything revolves around your body. Expand your limits and learn about new trends and experiment with yourself.

  • Choose accordingly and wisely: Don’t choose baggy clothing. Always know what works best for your shape. Choose among a wide variety of clothes which are available in shops as well as on the online portals. You get various discounts on clothing on most of the portals, so why not make the best use of it and fill your wardrobe with different colours, combinations and style.

  • Complimenting with accessories: Make sure you match your clothes with right kind of accessories to add up to your style quotient. Concentrate on the versatility while picking up the accessories. Wear them on the occasions accordingly. You can experiment with these on different outfits. They won’t cost you a fortune, so it’s all in the budget, and you have your savings.

  • Denim collection: More or less your wardrobe collection is always incomplete without jeans. It’s a little tricky to pick right denim. Even though you want to grab every new denim in the town, it doesn’t mean that everything will fit you. When in doubt, pick a smaller size. Jeans stretches after two washes. You can also decorate your jeans and style them up however you want.

  • Avoid deodorant stains: Having stains on your clothes is not only unappealing but also harder to clean. Warm water helps in washing the stained part and if the material is costly, then be careful not to rub it with harsh detergents. Deodorant stains have a tendency of appearing even when we are too careful not to make them evident. So, take care when you spray the next time.

  • Investment in the scarfs: As much as it keeps you warm, it makes you look classy as well. You find them in plenty of different sizes, colours, materials and designs. Match it with whichever outfit you find suitable and flaunt it. You can even learn plenty of techniques to wear your scarf. So why wait! Take a bag full of clothes, and maybe you can scratch a voucher code along, and line up your scarf collection too.

  • Tailor-made match: Finding an apt tailor for you is no less than finding a soulmate. So ladies hold on to that one perfect tailor you have found. Perks of wearing tailor-made clothes are, they fit you well, and you can make him stitch your clothes however you want them to be. Customise them stylishly, and you will never run out of ideas with a good tailor.

  • Shoes and bags: You definitely can’t exclude shoes and bags when it comes to accessorising. Buy your type of shoes and also the bag with the right size. Choose the size of the bags carefully. Right kind of shoes and bags along with your chosen outfit are a match made in heaven. It also adds up to your style points. So, concentrate on the right products.

  • Taking care of your outfits: It’s important to know how to wash and clean them up. Read the instructions on your clothes carefully. Some spare time might help save your favourite outfit. Wash them accordingly, use the right detergent and iron them. Don’t keep your clothes wrinkled it may lead to you looking shabby sometimes. Keep your wardrobe clean and tidy.

  • Style it up: Don’t make your dressing style or your wardrobe collection monotonous. Experiment with every cloth and style. Open up to every outfit that you find interesting. Figure out ways to fit in all of them and make your wardrobe collection a more interesting and versatile one.

  • Carry yourself with confidence: Well, after all the tips and hacks present yourself well. Maintain the right posture and walk with confidence. Being comfortable in your skin makes it all worth.

So next time when you barge into that shopping mall or binge shop from the portals, don’t make a hole in your pocket. Take time, choose wisely and stay stylish.