Punjabis are very intelligible and fun-loving people who have belief in conveying their emotions with enthusiasm.  Similar to their culture, their weddings reflect their life philosophy, that is, the way of leading their lives. Punjabi Weddings comprises of fun-filled rituals,  goody attires , and is sometimes over the top,  entertainment with lots of opportunity for performing activities like singing , dancing, etc. Punjabi Matrimony is very simple and luxurious and ensures inexhaustible fun and happiness. Because of the pre and post wedding rituals, Punjabi Wedding becomes a more long-lasting and joyous affair. Their weddings display their propensity towards sticking to age-old traditions and rituals.

Find the Best Match with the Help of Websites

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Punjabi Marriage Is a Grand Ceremony

Since the Punjabi’s are very status conscious, the Punjabi matrimony brides are decked out in  the most expensive jewellery, lehengas and dupatta. As jewellery is an important part of bridal wear, they would be adorned as many pieces as possible just to maintain their status. A Punjabi marriage ceremony can seem like it lasts for months with the amount of traditions that are celebrated.  There are also other occasions other than that of the wedding day such as , The Mehendi Ceremony  and Jaago, etc. Apart from all these, there is always entertainment and Punjabi music all the time during their wedding.

Besides the pre-wedding ceremonies, there are also many other wedding ceremonies such as varmala, pheres and sindoor Daan. The post wedding rituals contains Joota Chhupai where the groom’s shoes are being hidden by his sister-in-laws and are returned after paying some shagun to them. Finally comes the vidaai where the bride has to say goodbye to her family members and go to her husband’s house to start an entirely new journey.

Thus, these were all about the marriages in Punjabis which are always grand and full of joy. If you are a Punjabi and are seeking for the perfect match for yourself or your son or daughter, then you should immediately register yourself with a Sikh matrimonial site and get the best match today only!