Your car insurance plan should be carried along whenever you relocate for professional or personal purposes. There are a few things to be kept in mind in this regard.

Whenever you relocate, you should naturally bring along your car insurance plan. Most of us usually end up forgetting something or the other whenever we shift to other locations. You should never forget to update your car insurance information whenever you relocate. Most of us purchase car insurance online or offline and forget all about the other aspects of such plans. However, most car insurance plans in India offer coverage throughout the country yet you should always keep the insurance company informed about your address change since premiums vary from one city to another and you may have to pay more in metro cities as compared to smaller towns and Tier-II and III cities.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind for this purpose:

Changing your Address-

You should make sure that your address is changed and updated with the insurance company. This will help you get all future communication from your insurer without any hassles relating to key aspects like premium changes, coverage details, renewals of the policy and no-claims bonus among others. This is one of the biggest reasons for updating your address with the insurance company whenever you relocate.


In case your stint in a new city extends to more than a year, you can consider re-registration of your vehicle in order to attain the number for local registration. Your insurance company should always be in the loop about this aspect and this should be updated in their own records for your vehicle. The re-registration framework also requires an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your earlier RTO (Road Transport Authority) which you will also have to obtain.

Cashless Service & Repair Network-

The policy will naturally offer coverage across the entire country. However, cashless service and repairs will only be available at authorized service centers and garages in the list of the insurance company. As a result, you should always check this list to find out which ones are located in the city or town to which you are relocating. Do this before moving so that you are well informed about the same.

Coverage and Premium Amount-

It may well be possible that premiums remain the same. However, in case you are relocating to a non-metro for professional purposes, you may expect some savings on your premium amount since these are lower in non-metro cities as compared to major metro cities.

Coverage Updates-

You can also think of moving up to a comprehensive coverage plan from your third party car insurance policy. This will ensure total coverage as per your requirements.

No Claims Bonus-

If you are purchasing a new vehicle in the city to which you are relocating, make sure that you get the no claims bonus transferred in the name of your new car from the insurance company.

These are some of the handy tips to keep in mind when you relocate since it will save you loads of hassles in the long run.