Saunf, which is also called as fennel seeds in English, is a type of aromatic herb that belongs to the family of Parsley. It holds the sweet taste, on the other side; it is also used as a spice. There is a written proof in the literature that the Roman warriors used to chew the fennel seeds for gaining strength and in India also, this ingredient is used for veggie preparation, beverages, and also eaten as the post-digestive meal.

The leaves of fennel are also being used widely in the making of curries in many parts of India. Like fennel seeds (Saunf), there are also several health benefits of Flavoured Saunf. Buy Flavoured Saunf to avail the health benefits and staying healthy.

Below are the essential benefits of eating Flavoured Saunf that can keep you healthy:

  1. Digestion:Fennel seeds are really helpful in relieving from the digestive problems like bloating, constipation, indigestion, intestinal gas, flatulence, or heartburn. This is the reason why people prefer to eat the flavoured saunf after having the meal.
  2. Recovers bad breath:If you keep munching the flavoured saunf, it can refresh or sweeten your breath after having the meal so that you could get rid of the odorous or bad breath after the meal.
  3. Protection against cancer:Fennel seeds are helpful in lessening the risk of developing colon as these seeds are capable of removing carcinogenic toxins from the colon. Make sure to purchase flavoured saunf in order to stay preventive from the life-threatening disease cancer.
  4.  Helpful in obesity:Flavoured Saunf is excellent for fighting obesity as it can suppress your appetite by creating a feeling of fullness in your stomach. So, it is helpful and works as a natural fat buster by restraining back your hunger for the fat-rich foods.
  5. Preventing cardiac problems:Fennel seeds are capable of lowering the risk of heart stroke or attack as these seeds are rich in potassium that can help in keeping the blood pressure stable.
  6. Helpful for anaemic people:It is advised that people who have the problem of anaemia should eat flavoured saunf as an amino acid, histidine, and iron are present in the fennel seeds in the higher quantity. Buy flavoured saunf and make sure to take it on the regular basis.
  7. Relieving menstrual problems:There are several factors like stress, unbalanced diet that can disturb the normal menstrual cycle of a woman. The regular intake of fennel seeds that have the properties of emmenagogue is helpful in regulating normal menstrual flow in women.
  8. Healthy skin:If flavoured saunf is consumed on the daily basis, it provides the body essential minerals such as zinc, calcium, selenium, etc. that are effectual in keeping the balance of oxygen that in turn that makes your skin healthy and glowing.
  9. Beneficial for hairs:Intake of fennel seeds is also beneficial for hairs as it can help them to treat dandruff, hair breakage, and treating itchiness on the scalp.

If you want to stay healthy and relaxed, don’t delay and buy flavoured saunf that has a plenty of health benefits associated with it.