Is working out a chore for you? Do you always not have the time to head to the gym and exercise? Fret not my friend, you are not alone.

It has always been a tedious task to work our butts off. Not to mention the hours we render at work. Going to the gym is something out of our itinerary. Some will say, we just don’t have the time. And signing up for a gym membership can get pretty expensive over time.

But guess what, we might just have the right solution for you. Right in the sense that you say goodbye to expensive gym memberships and heading to the gym every single day. No need to head there my friend as you can get ripped at home. Yes, you read that right. Get your daily exercise dose in the comforts of your own home. Here’s how you can start.

Find exercise routines online

There are already a lot of exercise routines over the Internet. YouTube is a good resource for this. Subscribe to routines from top coaches and simply follow their movements. There are even quite a ton of videos you can purchase and download. The routines are so vast and varied. You can have your own boxing session in your very own living room. If you are personally a fan of a health coach, subscribe to their newsletter and video routines. You can use their tips as you work out at home. The good thing about this one is that there’s a program for you to follow. This guarantees varieties in terms of routines and the things you do on a daily basis. Hence, you won’t get bored doing the same exercise every single day.

Find a spot at home

The next thing to do would be to find an area where you can do the routines. You don’t need the gym setup to get started. A wide floor will do. The living room is a good place for you to exercise. This holds true especially if you are viewing the routines on TV. If their workout can be accessed online, you can bring your laptop just about anywhere be it in your garage turn gym or your bedroom.

Buy equipment.

There are gym equipment you can buy that are not at all expensive. It would be wise to invest on these items. Rather than paying monthly for a gym subscription, you can use the money to buy basic gym equipment like dumbbells, barbell, weight plates, jump rope, and kettlebell. These are good items for home starters. Make sure to buy good quality ones that do not rust so you can maximize the use of each equipment.

If you are beginning this journey, better check out get ripped at home here. There’s no need to invest in fancy gym memberships and taking that trip to and from the gym. You will absolutely have no excuse not to get toned and be healthier even while at home. These initial steps will surely make your exercise routine all the more convenient.