People love to have flawless skin, especially men, who are no expert like females would love if everything is just natural and simple. However, it is indeed a next to impossible thing to maintain the skin, which is away from any marks or pimples. And if we talk about pimples, well, we understand how much you hate it, just know that it is nothing but hormonal imbalance. Before you know how to remove pimples, check out why it occurs.

A pimple occurs due to a number of reasons-

Heredity: If you have a proper diet and take care of your skin, then one simple reason is heredity. However, nothing is incurable, so in that case, before relying on any cosmetic product, check a dermatologist.

Environment: An amalgamation of dust, impurities, gases, smoke and other unbreathable things known as pollution, which filled the surrounding. It can destroy the texture of your skin and the only way to get rid of is cleansing properly.

Food habit: If you love street food or junk food, no doubt you are winning the heart of your tongue but you are destroying something else and that is your skin. Ever wondered what oil is used to cooked that cheap yet so-called tasty food? Of course not.

Cosmetics: Yes, you read it right. Every beauty product that comes with a ‘get flawless skin’ tag isn’t really worth a try. Instead, choose the brand that suits you best and stick to particular products that your skin tolerates.

Cleansing: Many people, especially men, ignore routine work. But your skin is your sensitive baby that demands attention, at least twice a day. So make a habit to clean it in the morning and before going to bed.

So much of lecture on why a pimple occurs, right? Now it’s time to educate you on how to stop getting pimples in the first place-

Know your skin type: Sensitive or oily or dry or normal, everything has its own requirement. Just like you select clothes according to your body texture, choose any product considering your skin texture. Half of your issues will be solved then and there.

Say no to experiments: Love to try every new fairness cream that comes in the market? A bad idea indeed. Experimenting with the sensitive layer covering our body can cost you your beauty. So, stick to one product at a time.

Eat right: No need to lecture you anymore on eating habits, it’s time to be your own dietician, this time for your skin. So, including lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits will never go out of style. Plus it can help you maintain your body too.

Don’t underestimate the power of cleanser: Cleanser is the best cosmetic that you can have. In fact, it hugs your skin only to pull out the impurities and thus one application before sleep can get you flawless skin.

Use charcoal blessed products: Be it any type of skin, a charcoal product always heals the issue. If you don’t know the benefits of the natural vacuum, then check it out and you will find why it has become one of the most important ingredients in the world of cosmetics.

Skip soap: Soap affects the pH balance of our skin, and hence should not be relied upon for washing face. Replace it with a face wash and a body wash. It will give better cleaning and also retains the pH balance. Also, it attracts dirt and leaves the skin clear from inside.

With these few steps, you can really have a maintained, glowing and flawless skin. Apart from all these steps, always stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.