Choosing a flawless prom dress may require the same efforts as like selecting your wedding dress. It may include the theme of party, season, your body shape, and color choice before opting your stylish dress. Maybe you love fluffy or frilly dresses,but a bulky body can completely spoil your overall look.

When you look for prom dresses online, you may come across many styles, colour, cut and lots more. Also, you must think of the comfort, atmosphere, location, and style.Let’s see some important areas to consider and select a perfect prom dress:

  1. Your body type

Select a dress according to your type of body that attract your overall personality. Keep tow things in your mind about your body, one thing there is not any perfect body and second perfect size. The only thing is you should get a perfect size dress that is perfect for your body.

  • Apple Shaped Body:Such body shape normally weights the area; torso. A full waist and bust tend to have simmer legs and arms. They should avoid short and tight dresses.
  • Pear Shaped Body:A-line dresses or skirt may look wonderful on your body and avoid fuller dresses.
  • Busty Body type:A sheath style is perfect on such body type.
  • Hourglass Body type:This is said to be a perfect body to dress up and mermaid style long prom dress look more wonderful on such ladies. Try to get some inspiration by looking at some bridesmaid dresses online. Browse collections at online boutiques like Saved By The Dress.

  1. Colour of your complexion

For a fair skin lady, any colour is possible to match from pink to ruby, sapphire, blue undertones, and bright pastels. All the white, blacks, green and blue will always complement such skin tone.

Medium tone can opt peach, lavender, pink, soft pastels, eggshell blue or plum tones leave a magical effect. Earthy tone can go for bold patterns or prints on green or red shades. Also metallic gold may be the best suitable colour choice for earthy tone.

For darker complexion can choose some reddish tone to be golden or ivory and shimmery gold also look best on prom nights.

  1. Location

You can also choose a colour palette according to your location. If the prom party is at beachside or poolside, then earthy shades and underwater colour choices can inspire. A big city prom night inspires bright and flashy shades, neon light for tar black and a garden venue perfect romantic scene for lavender, rosy pink, earthy green, sunset orange, and twilight blue.

  1. Atmosphere

Is your prom designed on a theme? You have to be careful with choosing an outfit according to the theme colour. Like, if your colour of choice is blue. Then there are lots of shades that come in blue. You can look for sandy yellow or seafoam green or explore those pearly pink or seashell purple or explore all different versions of colours inspiring an underwater life.

Not your type of body, location choice or theme may not matter more,but your figure, complexion, and location do matters to select a perfect prom dress.