Verna has been one of the best-selling Hyundai cars. It has been regarded as one of the best offerings coming from Hyundai in the mid-size sedan category. Ever since its launch Hyundai Verna had to face stiff competition from other automobile manufacturers but it managed to carve out a niche for itself.

But it is pertinent to mention that the car was not without its flaws. Cramped leg space and bland cabin design led to its sale seeing a downward slope over the last few years. In order to change its sliding fortunes, Hyundai has now introduced several changes in the Verna. Let’s have a look if this car is what you have been looking for.


The overall design of the new Hyundai Verna Fluidic was a big leap over its predecessorwhich suffered from somewhat of an “un-exciting’ design. The design of new Hyundai Verna is not ground breaking  but is more evolved and mature. The front is dominated by new cascading grille along with a sleeker profile and new headlamps. The new alloy wheels offer it a premium look and complement the whole exterior excellently. On the rear side there are not many changes introduced and it goes well with the overall theme of the car.


Hyundai has added a lot of new features to the interiors of the new Verna. There is a new 7-inch infotainment system from Arkham along with multiple connectivity options. There is a USB charging port at the back and two USB ports along with a 12v socket in the front for powering your gadgets on the go. One of the major upgrades is undoubtedly the ventilated seats, which are a life saver in summers. Then there are several other new features like eco coating, rear curtains, rear ac vents, sunroof, 6 airbags and much more.


Hyundai Verna comes with two fuel options diesel and petrol. Customers can choose from automatic and manual transmission variants as per their liking. There are two engine options available in the new Hyundai Verna for each fuel type. The diesel version is available with 1396 cc and 1582 cc engines while the petrol version is available with 1368 cc and 1591 cc engines.

Hyundai Verna Mileage for the diesel version ranges between 18 to 24.75 kmpl and for the petrol version Hyundai Verna Mileage ranges between 16 to 19 kmpl.


Hyundai Verna pricerange for the 1396 cc diesel version starts from Rs. 9.29 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 9.99 Lakhs while the price for 1582 cc diesel version starts from 9.62 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 14.00 Lakhs.

While Hyundai Verna price range for the 1368 cc Petrol version starts from Rs. 7.92 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 9.22 Lakhs. The 1591 cc petrol version starts from Rs. 9.83 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 12.85 Lakhs.

With a host of new features and competitive pricing strategy for Hyundai Verna, it is now time to wait for the customer response to it.Also check more details about Bugatti Cars