Machu Picchu Hiking Tour is a place that everyone knows. It is one of the wonders of the world. This magical place is perched among the mountains and surrounded by jungle in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, near Cuzco, Peru.

Let us find out Machu Picchu Jungle Trek Hiking Tour in details:

Location of Machu Picchu:

The site, at the foot of which is located the tourist town of Aguas Calientes, is located 110 km from Cuzco which is the most important city of the region, in the province of Urubamba. Several options are available to travelers to join. One of the most popular and affordable ways is the bus to Hydro Electrica for 6 hours followed by a walk of 3 hours. The most intrepid will choose the Inca Trail or the Salkantay trail during the dry season of April to October month and lovers will walk the Sacred Valley and its many treasures of landscapes. From my point of view, a good trek, some light bulbs, and fatigue will only make you appreciate this marvel at its true value.

Presentation of Machu Picchu:

The site as we know it today would have been discovered, according to the Peruvian authorities, in 1911 by an American historian named Harry Bingham. The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1983.

Historians agree that the construction was completed in the middle of the 15th century AD by the Incas. However, the most skeptical retain divergences in construction, finding that two or more civilizations could live there. It is possible that this shrine was created years before the Incas. It will take more years and new discoveries to know with certainty the origin of this city.

This site is sacred to the inhabitants of the Altiplano, Peruvian and Bolivian and even to some of the South Americans who recognize their history here. Machu Picchu is considered by historians either as a place of worship, or as a village in its own right or an association of both.

The village is located on the ridge between the two mountains Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu and can be reached by climbing some 1600 steps very early in the morning for the opening. If you are acclimatized to the altitude, there will be no worries, otherwise, drink a lot of Coca tea, very effective.

The opening of the doors of the site is scheduled for 6 am and it leaves you ten hours to enjoy the site.

The possible stages of the Machu Picchu Jungle Trek Hiking Tour:

Opening of the gate at 5 am and climb to the site. This has 1600 very uneven steps tend to wake the most sleepy and tire the legs of the most seasoned. Some steps are 15 or 20 cm while others make about 50. The last part is the longest and seems interminable. Take the time to quench your thirst and enter this magical place at 6am.