When you have ever attended Japanese classes at school, it is very likely that you have seen that a large number of people in your class are anime fans. Most likely, you are one of those people. Recently, Japanese animation has become incredibly popular around the world. In part, this has led to an increase in the number of people interested in Japanese language and culture. But the anime cannot be the only one in each of the many doors that can lead a person to curiosity in Japan; it cannot be the main way of opening the language.

Here you will learn why, and there are only a few reasons

What you are taught in anime is unacceptable in real life. It is very important to keep this in mind, especially if you are just a beginner, that Japanese is a language with different levels of politeness and rituals that depend on your social status. Subsequently, some of the phrases and words that you can hear in the anime cannot be used with someone older than you or more than you on the social scale. In English, would you say: “Give it to you?” For someone more reputable, like your instructor? Uncertainly … But there was a scenario when one of the university students mentioned something along with these traces to the teacher. Not only was the sensei surprised by the words of the student, she was also very angry and hurt. In fact, this student discovered what he mentioned when watching the anime, and because he did not know anything, people insulted someone without realizing it.

The Japanese do not speak and do not act as anime characters. Japanese students need to understand that anime is still a cartooneg deadpool toy. And as a caricature, for the most part, the characters are probably big exaggerations and parodies of how people really argue and act. For example, it is extremely unlikely that you will ever meet Japanese marvel store, putting on a striking pose, wants to punish you in the framework of the moon. Cartoon characters, though both friendly and entertaining, are cartoon characters for a specific purpose: they are capable of doing what real people do not.

In summary

Anime can make you lazy. Many people who failed or did not do well with the basic lessons of the Japanese language, because they did not study adequately for their exams or exams. As a replacement, they watched the anime clock and realized that they could get it instead of sitting down with their notes and textbook. Even if you do not attend official classes in the Japanese language, bearing in mind that you can reach the level of proficiency in the language, only after seeing a lot of anime, it is unrealistic.