What is visual voicemail-?

In simple words, visual voicemail consists of visual interface in messaging.

In the nutshell, visual voicemail is something which make you able to do the following things-

  • In whatever order, one can receive and read the messages.
  • One can scroll through the messages.
  • By simply touching, one can send, receive, save and delete messages and you have to follow any elongated procedure.
  • For most of the messages, one can get transcription.
  • One can also send sound or voicemails via messages or emails.

Do we actually need visual voicemail-?

According to me, yes one actually need visual voicemail especially if having or pursuing a business. Our life is so much socialized and messaging is the only way to get close to our clients and first dialling a number and then heating the messages is a long process and you need a great time to hear all the messages which is a great evil actually. If this much time got wasted in hearing the mails then one can not get productive in the work. So as to eradicate all these points, we need a quick and easy process i.e., visual voicemail which make you more productive.

What are the ways by which visual voice mail is superior-?

There are several ways by which visual voicemail beats the voicemail are as follows-

  • Visual voicemail is able to swiftly scanning of your all the messages and is able to search the detailed and important ones. There is no need to go through each and every unwanted message and it makes you able to get the important messages while in voicemail, you have to go through each and every message by hearing which is quite annoying.
  • In visual voicemail, you do not have to go through the entire message. As it is transcription process, one can get the idea of the whole message by the first 2-3 lines. For example- if any message is regarding doctor’s appointment then you can get the idea from the first 2-3 lines while in case of voicemail, you have listen the whole message.
  • In visual voicemail, you do not have to dial a number so as to get the every message. It sound irritating that you have to dial a number to get the every message which you have to do in case of voicemail.
  • Visual voicemail also saves your precious time which you can use in any other productive work instead of ruining your time on listening to every message.
  • The visual voicemail makes you able to send any message to any person or to yourself very quickly and easily. What you have to do is simply by typing the message and you are ready to send it.

So the above mentioned points prove that why visual voicemail is superior to the voicemail and why one should prefer visual voicemail instead of voicemail. In simple words, my motive is to tell you that if you are not using visual voicemail and you are not aware of it then you should use it then you should use it.