Oestrogen is one of the essential elements of a woman’s life and yet only a few women know about it in detail. If you are a woman who wants to know more about this element, and how it affects your strength levels, skin and state of mind, then you should read on. The details mentioned here are correct and will enhance your knowledge.

The Basics

The first thing you should know is that oestrogen is not just a single element. It is a group of hormones including oestrone, oestriol, and oestradiol. Oestriol usually gets attention during pregnancy while oestrone gets attention especially after menopause. Oestradiol is a main element because it’s the female sex hormone that helps create body and emotional changes during the puberty stages. Women must know that oestrogen is a vital hormone that not only helps with getting pregnant and egg production but also ensures your overall health and well-being. To know how oestrogen affects your skin, strength and state of mind, just keep scrolling.

No Normal Levels

Before you get more information on how oestrogen helps you to gain strength, improve your skin and enhance your state of mind, you should know that there are no normal levels of oestrogen. Women’s ovaries first start releasing this hormone when they reach the stage of puberty. The levels rise and fall during the monthly cycles and reach a low level when a woman hits the menopause stage.

The oestrogen levels can rise and fall every day and every minute and without any reason too. You should only worry when you feel like rubbish or your estrogen to progesterone balance is not right in which case you need to contact your GP and seek a hormone test. Your GP might recommend a product like Estrosmart Canada that helps in maintaining a healthy estrogen to progesterone balance if the balance is not there.

High or Dominant Oestrogen

It is a fact that oestrogen dominance is a thing and it’s risky. Women who don’t have enough hormone progesterone to balance out the oestrogen levels can have problems like heavy periods, foggy headed feeling, etc. Oestrogen dominance can also make health issues like endometriosis or fibroids worse. If you suspect that oestrogen dominance is impacting you badly, you should consider taking to your GP and consider options like primrose oil or agnuscastus supplements towards the end of the monthly cycle.

Oestrogen and Skin

High levels (not too high) of oestrogen are essential for women who want healthy skin because if your oestrogen levels are low, you may have less collagen production and have more lines on your face or your skin might become thinner. Women who are peri or postmenopausal might also notice that their skin has become drier than it was. If your skin is becoming too dry, you should contact a dermatologist or try skin care products that are safe and effective.

Oestrogen and Bones

If you have the right levels of calcium, vitamin D and oestrogen, you will have strong bones for life. Oestrogen is a key element here because it helps to repair damage to bones and rebuild bones. Women who have had the menopause at high risk of osteoporosis because their oestrogen levels are low and it can also lead to brittle bones. Women should also know that high oestrogen levels are also a threat because they can make them more liable to injury. If you are a woman who is approaching menopause and want stronger bones, you should try these body weight moves to keep your bones strong.

Oestrogen and Gym Performance

A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise journal stated that if you have high oestrogen levels, you might end up damaging a ligament during workouts. A simple way to address this problem is to try hormonal contraceptives after talking to your GP. You should also tread carefully in the gym during oestrogen peaks that occur when you are on your monthly cycle.

Oestrogen and Alcohol

Believe it or not but high levels of alcohol can increase oestrogen levels. This is probably why you have sore boobs after you drink a bit too much at the club. You should avoid too much alcohol because high oestrogen levels due to alcohol may also increase your risk for breast cancer as cancer tumors are oestrogen sensitive (research has proven it). It is smart to limit yourself to 10 drinks a week if you are a woman living in Canada.

Oestrogen and State of Mind

Though there is a lot of research needed to find out how exactly oestrogen affects the state of mind in women, many women admit that low oestrogen levels might have led to postpartum depression. Some women also admit that they feel bad pre-period or after ovulation and the reason behind it can also be low oestrogen levels at these times.

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