Pure water means a good and healthy life for everybody. Water is essential for every human being, and therefore the water that you drink should be pure and healthy for your body. Pure water can fight all the harmful disease getting into your body.

What is a water purifier?

RO known as reverse osmosis system removes all the harmful metal and particles from tap water and gives you pure water to drink for the safety of you and your health. The water filters in it purifier remove all the chlorine and bacterial contaminants in the water. The water purifiers remove lead from the water immediately before drinking the water so that the harmful substances do not enter the body causing bad health issues. Eureka Forbes customer care no. bangalore provides excellent services for their customer to facilities and maintain the water purifier so that the customer has a healthy life and drinks pure water without any harmful substances going in their body.

Benefits of drinking pure water

  • Water helps in maximising the physical performance.
  • Hydration gives a significant effect on energy levels and brain functions.
  • Drinking water can help to prevent headaches.
  • Drinking water help treat kidney stones.
  • Water helps prevent hangovers.
  • Drinking more water can help in weight loss.

Pure water leads to a healthy life. Eureka Forbes uses the latest technology in their water purifier to get rid of all the harmful chemicals and substances from entering your body. Eureka Forbes customer care no. Bangalore is the customer care for the people living in bangalore and provide the needful services for their customers and provide you with solutions for any problems with the water purifier.

Types of RO.

  • Domestic RO
  • Commercial RO
  • Industrial RO

Common water purification methods

  • RO purification: Reverse osmosis is the most common method for water purification. RO use membrane technology to remove the impurities, salts and germs from the water. The semipermeable membrane removes the germs and dissolved chemicals from the water. The layer has very fine pores that can only allow the water to pass while the membrane removes all the chemicals and salts etc. that is present in the water. The RO purifier is mostly in use where the tap water is very hard, and therefore the RO method having fine pores can remove all the chemicals and germs from the hard water.
  • UV purification: Ultrafiltration membrane method is similar to the RO method, but the membrane has bigger pores than that of RO membrane. The membrane cannot remove the dissolved salts and solids, as it has bigger pores. The UV purification method physically removes the bacteria and germs from the water. This method cannot be in use for homes where the water is hard as the process will not be able to remove all the dissolved salts and solids from the water.
  • UE or e-boiling: It is a method which uses ultraviolet light to kill all the germs, bacteria etc. ultraviolet purification is a simple yet very effective way as it destroys 99.99% of the harmful organism from the water.