Today’s changing world has many good and bad things embedded along with them. The good is that this technology has made our lives simple, faster, and much easier than before while the bad things include the cyber attacks and the suspended trading. The recent hot topic ransom ware is something that relates us to a bad consequence of technological implementation. This malware has caused many companies to lose a huge amount of money and also a threat to open cast the company’s data. These things are now being carried out on a large with the interaction with the internet. Our data is being used by someone else and huge loads of money are collected to get back our data.

Ransomware, special malicious software keeps the personal data of a person or a company and the data is encrypted with a password which the companies or the persons do not know. To get back the personal information or data by the person or the company they should know the encryption key which the malware inducers would be having. This is a peculiar type of scam where we have to pay money to the encryption key and further to get the data encrypted. The ransomware software had been a spoken topic for about a couple of weeks and many A1 companies were the victims.

To name a few companies those were the victims, BBC, Interior ministry of Russia, Telefonica of Spain, FedEx of US , etc.  These companies had been threatened on broadcast of their personal data on to the public if they failed to meet the requirements of the Virus inducers. The mode of payment selected by the scammers is bitcoins. Typically, the attacks by Ransomware were carried out using a Torjan file which plays the entire action. The users are tricked to download the file and when the file is downloaded and when the user tries to open it an email with attachment shoots into the system and the worm “Wannacry” travels all through the system without the manual intervention of the user.

Starting from the year 2012, ransomware has been affecting different components of the global market with a new worm named differently. Every year the amount demanded and gathered by the scams into astonishing figures. Investigations suggested that almost a huge amount equal to $18 million USD had been gathered by the ransom players by June,2015.

The Process by ransom is carried out in three different stages:

Stage1: The attacker sends the torjan file which is induced into the victims system with some special coding in the file.

Stage2: The victim when downloads and opens, the torjan acts its way and the files keeps on get encrypted finally leading the user to not work anymore on the system. The victim is left with no other option rather to listen to the inducers requirements.

Stage3: The encrypted key is sent to the victim once the scammer receives payment from the victim.

The three stage process is continued for each system individually and for each delayed day the requirement of the scammer keeps on increasing.

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