For most people, it is heartbreaking to see their elderly family members suffer from progressive memory loss disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. You are also not an exception to this rule, if any of your relatives within the same age group are victims of such medical conditions. They constantly need proficient professionals who specialize in taking care of patients suffering from such memory-loss problems for their own safety and to improve the quality of their life. In many cases, these care-givers have to maintain the personal hygiene of such individuals, prepare their meals and provide them with timely medication. Rick Casper of California says most assisted living establishments for senior citizens provide such facilities and employ proficient specialists in this field to take care of such patients.

Advantages of assisted living facilities that offer memory care treatment

He clarifies most people have a wrong assumption that patients who suffer from memory loss disorders need intensive medical care facilities nursing homes can only provide. In many cases, they need assistance in carrying out their daily chores that professionals working in assisted living facilities can provide. These specialists hold the view that in many cases these residents suffer from periodic forgetfulness but are able to live independently in their own separate apartment. Unlike such medical establishments, these care-givers prepare meals for such patients, provide transportation, carrying housekeeping services and ensure they reach their medical appointment. In many cases, such they also organize field trips for patients and even encourage them to pursue their hobbies.

Taking care of behavioral issues

Besides taking care of the personal hygiene issues of such patients and ensuring they get proper medication, caregivers specializing in memory care in assisted living facilities also conduct therapeutic sessions. Rick Casper says this is to address various levels of frustration such elderly people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease feel because of their inability to remember. Medical practitioners specializing in this field explain that patients suffering from such memory disorders go through various stages of behavioral problems. These include becoming aggressive, suffering from paranoia and having visual hallucinations.

The professional care-givers in such assisted living facilities use various memory aide techniques such a writing down the schedule of patients in a format they can easily read and understand. This acts as a useful tool in helping these patients to remember what they have to do while minimizing their anxieties when they feel their memories are failing them. It also helps to delay the progress of their medical condition.

Proficient healthcare professionals working in assisted living establishments for the senior citizens and specializing in memory cases can cater to the needs of your elderly relative who is suffering such a disorder says Rick Casper. He/she can also offer you practical advice on how to interact with such a patient when you visit him/her, give details of stages of his/her medical condition and effect of his/her medications. Above all, such a specialist can give you the reassurance that your parent, uncle, aunty or grandparent is in safe hands. This can go a long way in putting your mind at peace.