Even the data can still be extracted from a SD card or USB. There are specialized programs for USB pen drive recovery, some are free.

While USBs are much more reliable and resilient than CDs and DVDs, they still do not keep their legibility ever and under all conditions. Typically, damage is primarily stroke that make it difficult or totally impossible to retrieve data. Yet, you can still save your data, with high-quality reader drives and special programs that are available for free in some cases. Today’s applications can not only recover data from corrupted SD card and USBs, but also from other storage devices.


It will handle deleted data recovery that has not yet been overwritten on the disk by new files. The application scans the selected drive and finds deleted files that could be restored. Search can be restricted to some file types by the terminals in their names.

Free Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery

This tool is aimed at restoring photos from deleted, reformatted or damaged digital media storage media. All common types of micro SD cards are supported; applications can restore JPG, TIFF, and RAW images from some manufacturers. It can also read data from corrupted cards.

Photo Recovery

Like the previous program, Photo Recovery also focuses on recovering digital photos from deleted, reformatted or damaged digital camera memory cards.

Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery

This tool is a part of a larger, remanufactured file recovery solution that focuses on digital photography. The application works with all common storage media, recovering not only deleted photo files but also video files shot with a digital camera.

Undelete Plus

It works with hard disks and different storage media. The program can search for selected types of deleted files, display their status, and if it is a little possible, it will restore them.

Ultimate Data Recovery

It scans hard disks with different file formats (NTFS and FAT) and tries to recover deleted files. The advantage of the program is that it doesn’t has to be installed and can be used on a USB Flash disk and other media.

Soft Perfect File Recovery

All Windows versions, including new Windows Vista, support the Soft Perfect File Recovery Tool. The application supports common file systems and also works with digital camera memory cards. You can limit the search to the selected file types.

After all efforts with above softwares, if there is not benefit, then you must use micro SD card data recovery service.