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Does China Need US?


China is the second one largest overseas holder of U.S. Treasury bills, bonds, and notes. As of May 2017, China owned $1.10 trillion in Treasury. It really is 28 percent of the general public debt held via overseas nations. China buys U.S. debt to aid the cost of the dollar. That is due to the ...

Viprinet-A modest technology that improves the business processes across the world!


Humans have invented various technologies throughout their evolution. But the most significant achievement is the discovery of computer system and the internet. Because it has speeded up the process of technological evolution and has led us to the scientific advancements that we encounter today. Along with the computer system, the internet has connected the people ...

What Makes Strategic Planning So Important?


Those working professionally in the commercial world as analysts and consultants, are experienced of the fact that only the businesses that have proper strategies and plans to run their trade are the ones, who emerge successful. It is quite evident from general surveys that those businesses who run a low planning or no strategy at ...