Starters are now a part of every meal. They come as a part of every occasion and without them, the meal feels incomplete. Thus, snacks and starters should not be taken lightly. These appetizers are important to let the body have a proper digestion after the main course. There are varieties of appetizers prepared in restaurants which are equally unique in taste and can be taken at the start of the meal without affecting the main course. The main motive of having a starter is to get the taste buds ready for another wholesome experience.

Different types of snacks

A starter or an evening snack should be well-planned so that they do take up space for the main course in the stomach. It is also important to get related dishes for starter and main course so that there is a flow in taste of dishes. Irregular taste in dishes may lead to an abnormal meal.

There are numerous snacks to choose from in restaurants. Each of Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Continental cuisines have starters that go well with the main course. In the best restaurants around the country, these foods are served and the deliciousness has no limits. There are certain snacks that are mostly ordered by people and are also made in their homes, which have simple ingredients and take less time to cook. All those who are looking to getting a dish easily while they feel hungry should try snacks.

Some of the evening snacks are good enough to keep the stomach filled for a long time and when someone feels the hunger, they should try making those snacks. Cooked snacks are always more effective than the packet snacks and are also healthy. Thus, having cooked snacks is most preferred.

Indian dishes are more commonly served and cooked in the country, because of the extensive choices from cuisine of different states and also the different flavours of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Of them, north Indian snacks are the most common dishes served, like cheese balls, Tangri kebabs, bhuna masala chicken wings, paneer tikkaaloo tikki and much more. From the names only the variability in tastes can be determined and each of them is prepared through simple procedures. There is a long time gap between lunch and dinner and thus the proper digestion requires a perfectly made evening snack.

There are several dishes that fall into the category of snacks and starters together. These dishes are prepared by simple means making the taste delicious and pure. The vegetarian starters mostly paneer, potatoes, and baby corn are some of the best dishes people get on the menu, whereas chicken forms the major snack item for non-vegetarian snacks. But all the dishes are unique in ingredients and with each main ingredient endless varieties of dishes can be made. Now people also look for mix and match snacks of Chinese cuisine with Indian food. The mixture increases the delicious quotient of any dish and brings out a healthy but tasty snack.