Have you never bought shoes online before? No time like the present to start – and it’s so easy too!

It’s a problem, all right: you need to buy a new pair of shoes but you don’t have the time to make a store run. Here’s an idea: why not buy shoes online?

Arm yourself with a good shopping app and take on board our simple guide to buying shoes online:

* Get your foot measurements.

First things first: there are some facts about foot measurements that you are probably not aware of. One, both your feet might not be exactly like each other. Two, your feet measure differently at different times of the day. Three, though you may think that you know your shoe size, it might differ from brand to brand. However, leading brands offer universal sizes. If you are a UK 6 for one brand, chances are that you will be a UK 6 for another comparable brand as well. But it is always better to make sure if you are buying shoes online for the first time: measure your feet lengthwise, then compare it with the app size guide to get the right size.

* Explore the app’s range of options.

You may have set out to look for one type of shoe, but you will find a wide variety of shoes on the app. From flip flops to brogues, and from Oxfords to sneakers, there are many types to explore. If you are buying shoes online for the first time, you might want to stick with just one pair for starters. After it is delivered, and you find that it is to your satisfaction, then you can order more pairs in other types.

* The size guide is your friend.

You normally buy shoes after trying them on at the shoe store. When buying shoes online, you can neither touch nor try the shoes before you purchase them. At such a time, the size guide provided by the app for each shoe is your friend. Study it carefully to compare the available sizes you’re your foot size. If your foot is in between sizes, we recommend that you pick the smaller one – shoes ‘give’ a little with use and become slightly looser. Meanwhile, study the shoe specs for material, dimensions, care instructions, etc.

* Study the exchange and refund policy.

Most online fashion sites do not permit the exchange of footwear and intimate clothing for hygiene reasons. However, some leading apps allow the exchange, provided the tags and original packaging are retained. Before making your purchase, study the exchange and refund policy in detail. The policy outlines the number of days within which you can initiate the refund/exchange, the number of days that the app takes to refund your money, etc. It is better to know this information beforehand instead of disputing with the site later.

Now all you need to do is buy the shoes online and await delivery. You will be stunned by how easy the process is – and you will never go back to a shoe store to buy shoes again.