A bucks party and hens party used to be a crucial wedding tradition. Typically, the men (the bucks) and the women (the hens) split up into two different groups to celebrate the respective groom and bride’s final nights of “freedom.” It was considered the last night where the bride and groom were able to party and let loose before they tied the knot.

Image source: Photo via pexels

However, socially enlightened millennials aren’t too keen on sticking to this tradition, at least not in the traditional sense. Many millennials find the separation of the bucks and hens to be passé and don’t like the idea that they’re supposed to have a night of “freedom” from their significant other.

Because of this, more millennial couples are opting to instead celebrate hens and bucks night together, combining their groups and instead just having one big party. The couple and their friends still get to let loose, but the tradition isn’t as regressive and old-fashioned as it once was.

If you want to buck tradition and celebrate hens and bucks night together, keep reading for some combined hens and bucks night ideas and some dos and don’ts of blending your two groups.

Do: Make Sure Everyone Is On Board

People who decide to do a combined bucks party and hens party sometimes do it for the wrong reasons. If a bride is insisting on combining the parties because she feels like she can’t trust her groom and his friends to behave themselves without her supervision, it doesn’t bode well for what their marriage is going to be like.

Remember, combining these two parties is about enhancing the experience and making sure everyone is happy. It’s not about one party feeling as if they have to babysit the other party. Make sure that everyone involved is on board for the idea and is in it for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

Don’t: Be Afraid To Get Wild

Many men worry that combining their parties will result in them having to subdue their behavior and find a tamer activity than what they would’ve chosen had they been left to their own devices. However, this is simply not the case. In our modern era, women aren’t necessarily uncomfortable with wild nights or strippers. In fact, in many combined bucks parties and hens parties, it’s the women who are coming up with the rowdiest ideas.

As long as everyone is comfortable with the plans that the group has made, nothing should necessarily be off the table. If someone in your group is unfamiliar or intimidated by strippers or adult nightlife, they can research and learn how to behave at a strip club.

Do: Plan Ahead

You don’t want to just decide to all show up somewhere without a plan in mind. Instead, appoint some people in your wedding party to come up with an itinerary for the evening. You don’t have to strictly stick to this plan, but it’s a good idea to come up with a basic outline for how you’d like the night to unfold.

Don’t: Encourage Reckless Behavior

There’s no doubt that these parties have the potential to get pretty wild. However, there’s a difference between “wild” and “reckless.” Ensure that everyone in your group wants to have fun, but make sure that they know how to do so responsibly. The night isn’t fun for anyone if someone gets too drunk or does something to jeopardize the safety and the happiness of the entire group.

Do: Embrace New Traditions

When you tell your parents or older family members about your combined party idea, don’t be surprised if you receive some pushback. Holding separate hens and bucks parties is a very old tradition and many older people can’t understand why on earth any couple would want to combine the two events.

Don’t be surprised if you hear comments from older relatives about how the men won’t be able to have any fun if the girls are there. Gender roles have changed significantly over the past few decades and it should come as no surprise that some older people have a hard time wrapping their heads around this.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace new traditions. A combined party is a great way for a bride and groom to have one big night of fun with each other and their mutual friends and blow off some steam after so many long months of tedious wedding-planning.

As long as everyone in your group is comfortable with the plans for the evening and some basic ground rules have been established, you’re sure to have a wonderful evening celebrating your combined bucks and hens parties.