In case if you need to be part of a heart replacement surgery, you would need to be on the other end. How long it is going to take. The recovery time does vary from one patient to another. In order to shorten down the recovery time you need to be aware of what to expect after a surgery. You should have an idea about the factors which can shorten your recovery. Then do anything under your control to use them. This can go on to make a big difference for sure.

After heart surgery how does the recovery time has an impact?

In case if you are planning for a heart surgery, you need to ask your doctor the steps you would need to take. All this should contribute to the improvement of your health. At the same time with heart surgery there are some things in your control and in some cases this will not be the case.

The overall health

One of the telling factors on how long the recovery process along with your health is dependent on your general health. This would be before the surgery on how you feel. For example, someone who has been in bad health will take a longer time to recover in comparison to someone who is in a good health state

If you are overweight or if you are into smoking

If excess weight problems or smoking is an issue, these are going to pose problems. Do anything in your power to combat them before you opt for the surgery.

Surgery type

The recovery phase of the surgery does take off once the surgery is over. It all depends upon the type of surgery and you would need to stay in the ICU. The exact number of days could be understood in that regard as well.  Then you do get to the follow up process in another area of the hospital. At this point of time you will start getting out of bed. In the meantime your activity levels will keep on increasing day by day as well.

The best cardiac surgeon in India does ask you to follow the below mentioned tips for a speedy recovery.

You need to be aware of the fact that a majority of the healing does take place a couple of months once the surgery would be over. In terms of figures it would be around 80 %. Here you would need to follow the recovery process and slowly and steadily build upon the activity levels as well.

You need to increase the levels of activity before the cardiac rehab process starts. In most cases this is going to be 6 weeks once the surgery is over. Ideally you would want to do this as much as possible. But if you feel any form of discomfort during the activities then go on to stop it. Do listen to your body. Do not push into any form of activity that requires intense physical work.