For the best working operation of your air conditioner, regular maintenance is essential. You need to perform servicing of different parts of it such as coils, filters, drains, fins, etc. Improper or negligence in the AC service results in damage and cooling capacity of the unit.

Regular cleaning up of air filters

Clogged and dirty air filters hinder the normal flow of air in the unit. It also lessens the cooling capacity of your air conditioning system significantly. Cleaning of air filters is also essential when you have fur bearing pets at home. Voltas is No. 1 AC manufacturer brand on the market.

When you find that your filter has got dirty, then the air that flows inside it bypasses the filter. It carries dust and dirt to the evaporator coil. This leads to soiling of the cooling coils. As a rule, cleaning of air filter needs to be done once a month. Regular cleaning leads to proper cooling. Amazon is one of the best online retailers that provide superior quality air conditioners at discounted rates.

To make evaporator coil clean

With prolonged use, debris and dirt start to deposit on the evaporator coil. This covering and deposition result in reduction of its heat absorbing capacity. This impacts the cooling process of the room. Due to this reason, it becomes necessary to perform annual service of evaporator coil. is a renowned price comparison engine in India that covers several categories of products such as Tablets, Mobiles, Laptops, Cameras, Books and more.

Servicing of condenser coil

The fan and the condenser unit are placed outside the house. The outside environment is characterized by dust, rain, falling leaves, and wind muds the condenser coils. This makes it very difficult for the heat and hot air to disperse outside. This leads to heating of compressor and condenser. Thus, an annual cleaning of condenser coil is helpful in its efficient working.

Cleaning of coil fins

There are aluminum fins present on the evaporator and condenser coils. The debris and dust get deposited above the fins. The coil fins need to be cleaned on a regular basis to safeguard the condenser and evaporator.

Clear the rear end drain

If the drain present at the rear of the AC is blocked due to dust, then you need to clear it as soon as possible. This is because the water that collects in the AC will not find any space to exit. So, via any opening, it will begin to drip inside the room. This starts to increase the humidity level in the room.

Effectively cover your compressor unit in winter season

In winter season, AC is not used much.  So, to prevent any dirt to get deposit over it, one must cover the compressor unit using a cloth. This will prevent dirt and dust from entering in it.


These are a few AC maintenance guidelines that prove to be beneficial in taking the best care of your unit. Getting help of a dedicated AC repair company will maintain your AC in the best condition.