With the humongous influx of technologies in our lives, it has become very easy to rely on them. There is always something keeping your senses busy at any given point of time.  Especially with these affordable brands like Panasonic, Xiaomi, Motorola, L.G and more.

Technology has found its way to every house hold.  Yes, they have numerous advantages, however, we will be looking at some technological advances that have evolved to become more of an addiction. Here are the top two addictions among all the other kind of weakness.


A house without a television set is like a school without students. You have got to have one.  Which started as a black and white “idiot box” is now in varieties one cannot stop and choose. From 4k LEDs to Curved televisions. From Sony’s Curved UHD Television to Micromax 32inch LED TV. There is a television set for every kind of person.

Yes, the continuous development in the entertainment sector is obviously one of the reasons for great demand for television sets, however, its affordable nature is one of the biggest reasons for being an addiction. It is proven that exposure to television at an early age has become one of the top reasons for damaged vision in children. Although there are brands like Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, etc. whose television promise decreased strain on eyes and contained radiation, it still doesn’t eradicate the fact that television is harmful.

Mobile Phones:

Its 21st century, there isn’t a pocket that does not carry a mobile phone in it. A teenager’s first birthday gift has become a mobile phone. From Xiaomi cheap phones packing all the brains of an iPhone or a Samsung. A cell phone has become everyone’s, first love. You are always on it. Be it games, calls or music. You are doing something or the other with your phone every day. If we come to see screens are our biggest addictions. I mean Micromax 32inch LED TV to a 6-inch screen filled with the miracle of technology.

Yes, a phone connects with your loved ones instantly. Yes, you don’t have to carry an MP3 player, a phone and laptop all at ones when you can just use your phone to do everything from listening to music to viewing your emails. However, its addiction has caused several road accidents, deaths, traumas and more. We should prevail the usage of our mobile phones as much as possible. Get out of your phone and look outside. It’s a better world when you look at it with fresh eyes.


As I said, we really are attracted to screens, be it television, mobile phones, laptops, tablets or more. The best way to distract ourselves from the usage of such devices is my indulging in outdoor activities. Going outside meeting new people, going to the gym, giving time to your families or anything that keeps you happy and away from the screens.