A degree in engineering is usually associated with high levels of prestige and financial stability. Qualified engineers are highly in demand with top corporations willing to pay them huge sums to hire their services. However, it is important to realise that engineering degree only from a well-known engineering school is commands value and respect in the job market. It is not hard to decipher as top level engineering institutes offer the infrastructure, faculty and facilities that develops highly capable and competent engineers with international orientations.  Best engineering institutes in UP or for that matter best in class engineering institutes anywhere in the country lay special emphasis on research and innovation. Their curriculum is a judicious mix of theory and practise which emphasises learning by doing.Poor quality engineering institutes on the other hand offer engineering degree not considered worth the paper it is printed on. They have outdated syllabus, poor quality faculty and bad infrastructure which does fails to develop qualified engineers capable of solving complex world problems. It is the reason why it is said that choosing your school is one of the most important factors in prepping for your engineering career. Top level engineering institutes apart from offering high quality academic environment also offer high level placement opportunities. It allows their students to recover their cost of study within two to three years of joining the workforce.

A solid, top engineering college emphasizes good teaching, is known for its accomplished faculty members and often conducts important engineering research.  Some of the important factors you need to keep in mind while looking for an engineering institute are mentioned as following:

Infrastructure of the engineering school

It is one of the most important factor to consider while you are out hunting for a top quality engineering school which proves to be a perfect match between your strengths, interest and your career aspirations. Infrastructure, however, is not solely about the building or design of the engineering institute. In fact infrastructure encompasses a whole gamut of things like the quality of the faculty, research labs, workshops, library, classrooms, etc. If possible please try to visit the engineering institute on your own to get a better idea of the infrastructure and the likely quality of education you are going to receive here.

Student/faculty ratio

It is another major factor you need to consider before making a final decision. Student to faculty ration means the number of students assigned to each students if we divide the number of students with the number of faculty members. This is important feature as more teachers and lesser students means a teacher can concentrate more on his /her student. It results in more personalised attention and better mentoring for the students.

Engineering school curriculum

Rapid pace of advancement in technology means that the curriculum needs to be updated at regular intervals. Best engineering institutes in Lucknow or for that matter top rated engineering institutes keep updating and modernising their curriculum at regular interval to keep pace with the market requirements. The syllabus of these quality engineering institutes are prepared in close coordination with faculty members and industry experts. It ensures that the focus and philosophy of the program match the requirements of a rapidly evolving technological environment. Additionally you need to find out whether the engineering program of the particular institute will give you industry experience and does the school offer foreign study programs that will give you an edge in the job market?