If you own a site that is at the top of the search engines, then you know what the necessity of SEO is since you broke through there with the help of this type of promotion. Therefore, only those who are trying at the moment to choose the most profitable and high-quality way to promote your web resource should read this article.

The Best Content

The content on the site should not just be good, but the best. How to achieve this? Proceed from the search preferences of representatives of the target audience. Study relevant topics. Do not hesitate to borrow the best ideas from competitors. Some pieces of unique educational content can also be ordered here https://essaylab.com/custom_paper.

Create “evergreen” content that has not become obsolete for a long time and helps the site stay on top for many years. It’s best to create content yourself, however, due to lack of professional timelines or creativity, you can use outsourcing. But remember that without proper technical specification and control, average authors will give out mediocre content that is not capable of impressing potential customers.

Video Content

Creating video content is not an easy task, but it is justified. Services like YouTube help to attract more traffic than search engines. By placing a video on YouTube and placing a link to your site under it, you can guarantee traffic growth by switching from video hosting.  And embedding a video in a page on a corporate website can bring it to the top of the search result due to an increase in behavioral factors (time spent by users on the site).

Mobile SEO

The level of mobile conversions has not yet reached the maximum possible level, despite the superiority of smartphones in front of desktops in terms of the amount of generated search traffic. This is due to the fact that most mobile sites are not optimized enough. Thus, there is a need to focus on increasing the usability of mobile sites and pay more attention to the creation of AMP-pages and micro-markup for the joy of users and the search bots.

Face to Face with Celebrity

The concept of marketing agents of influence is now in the trend. Attracting celebrity to the optimization process, you can seriously improve SEO statistics.  An interview with a celebrity will increase interest in the site and force users to discuss it in social networks. The celebrity increases the authority of the site on which she/he appears. At the same time, a lot of followers decide to subscribe to the newsletter or join official groups in the social networks of the promoted resource. This leads to increased traffic and an increase in the reference mass due to the natural external links that users share.

External Links

Earning backlinks becomes more difficult and difficult. Do not buy them on stock exchanges. It is better to use “white” SEO, constantly publishing up-to-date and high-quality content. Make sure that this content reaches the target audience, attracts the maximum traffic and forces users to interact with the site through comments or other means.